Friday, March 21, 2008

Feeling vulnerable

Im struggling with the diet this week. Being gone to Idaho the first part of the week has made it hard to lose weight. It's only going to get harder on Easter day. I've about decided to eat nothing but salad on Easter so I wont be tempted by everything else!

Everyone here is sick so that doesn't help my willpower at all. All I want is a huge old home cooked country style meal, hot from the oven!

Why must dieting be so hard?

Today's food:

Raisin Bran

1/2 peanut butter sandwich
lettuce salad with spritzer dressing

2 triscuits
1 wedge laughing cow cheese

I haven't had dinner yet but I want the entire kitchen!


  1. how did dinner go??

    you know that *I* think there shoulda been a few chicken breasts or some turkey slices or more low fat cheese or tuna in your day :)

    thanks for stopping by!

    Carla "mizFit"

  2. That's great that you've lost 25 pounds!

    I always used to fix a big old pot of that cabbage soup stuff or a big pot of green beans or broccoli when I was trying to lose weight, which I should be currently doing, but I'm not ...

  3. For dinner I had a salad, green beans, 2 oz chicken and three bites of mashed potatoes.
    I do need to put more protien in, I got away from that the last week and thats why Ive been so hungry.

    Fatcatpaulanne hop on board with us!

  4. Ok, here I am! : )
    I think this could really help motivate me. If I weigh in on Tues. do I weigh in with what I lost from last tues or just start from here? Or what I've lost since first of year?

  5. I would love to sign on to do this with ya'll. This could be a great motivator for me :D

  6. alltheveas, I'll do it whichever way you want. The same goes for all of you. If you have lost weight in 2008 I'll start you from there. Everyone needs all the credit they can get!

  7. Great job so far keep it up.
    I can't thank you enough for turning me on to Spark people. Wow. I am hooked. I'ts really keeping me on task too.

  8. I love the cake! Good idea on this. I might do this again. The last time nobody ever checked it so I didn't really feel any accountablity. But you will have no prob getting visitors I am sure. You are great!


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