Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weigh in Week 2

Well it's time to weigh in again. The problem is that I'm in Idaho so I'm not by my own scale. I'll just tell you that as of Sunday morning when I flew out I had lost 4.5 pounds! Im excited about that! And here in Idaho I have totally stayed within my calorie count.

The flight was short and sweet. I didn't eat any of the peanuts on board, choosing rather to eat a leaner protein snack I had brought along. I had that with coffee. I got to my moms house at dinner time. My nephew and his wife brought dinner over for everyone! I was in luck! It was taco salad! I ate mine without the taco chips!

We all went to bed late. This morning I had shredded wheat for breakfast carefully measured out! At noon my mom and I met my sister for lunch. I had half of a turkey sandwich and a cup of bean soup. I took the top of the bread off the sandwich so I only had half a piece of bread. I ordered a diet coke.

Then it was off to see my sisters bent and dent store. The store was closed today so that's how she could manage to run around with me! My sister and husband have started another family business. All her older boys work the families pole barn business and now my brother in law is finding it hard on his joints so he opened a store. My sis has nine kids so the younger ones homeschool in the back of the store taught by one of the older brothers. My niece runs the cash register and my sister works in the back sorting and pricing the semi truck loads of bent and dent goods! It's an impressive little set up but boy it keeps them hopping! My brother in law does the business end of both businesses.
So I decided I would help out my sis and fold her gazillion loads of clean laundry that hadn't made it to the drawers. Well Tink wanted to spend the night with her cousins so after dropping my sis and my mother off at the store to do some work I tootled over to my sisters house and grabbed one of her boys to show me how to get back to Grandpas house to get Tinks suitcase.

Well we made the 15 minute drive and sure enough my 11 year old nephew knew the right way. When I got to moms I talked with my dad a while then went in and put groceries in the fridge and packed up the stuff Tink would need. I grabbed my cell phone and we were off.

I was barely down the road when it dawned on me that I didn't recall putting the suitcase in the trunk. I asked my nephew if I had and he assured me I had cause he recalled putting the trunk lid down. So off we went. We arrived at my sisters to discover that indeed I had forgotten the suitcase! That was my whole point of going back to my folks place! Bummer.

Well there was no time because I had gallantly offered to make dinner for everyone at my sisters house. There were 16 us so I figured I better get in gear. I told everyone dinner would be ready at 6 pm. That meant that the boys out on the construction crew, my dad 15 minutes north and my sis and mom 5 minutes to the south all knew that supper was going to be at 6pm.

I made meatloaf, baked potato's, steamed asparagus, tossed salad, peach cobbler and icecream. Just as I'm popping the potatoes and meatloaf in the oven I glance at the clock. I had an hour and ten minutes to get it baked. But....there was one little problem. Their clock said it was 5:50 pm!!! My watch said it was 4:50 pm. Ooops! Seems like there's a little matter of a time change that I had forgotten! So instead of dinner at 6 it was at 7! There was no way to get the word to everybody so everyone just had to wait for the stuff to get done!

But there now this is a diet post. So what did I eat for dinner? I had salad and asparagus, 2 bites of meatloaf, three bites of cobbler and three bites of icecream! I ended the day well within my caloric limits!
This morning Tink is going to go over and do her schoolwork with my sisters kids in a little school room they have set up in the back of the store. She didn't get to spend the night because I had forgotten the suitcase. The funny part of that was that my 18 year old nephew said he was going by grandpas and would pick it up. Well he stopped at Grandpas and he too arrived without the suit case. Both of us forgot it so I guess it wasn't meant to be!

So anyway that catches you up to date. I didn't get to weigh on Monday or Tuesday so I will have to just count the 4.5 pound I had lost from Tuesday to Sunday. So now its your turn!
Hope you all had a lovely weight loss week!

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  1. Glad to hear you arrived safely.

    I have to say, as I'm reading the description of the store, I was totally seeing the Olsen's store from little house on the prairie in my mind, LoL.

    *1lb loss- pretty good considering my present state:)

    10:37 PM

    Cajunchic said...
    Congrats on your weight loss. I need you to send me some of your motivation.

    11:13 PM

    mattpotter30 said...
    I'm just starting up the ol' diet too, keep up the good work...

    11:55 PM

    mattpotter30 said...
    Oh yeah and check out my journey as well at

    11:56 PM

    Brandi said...
    Way to go!

    I'm down one pound.

    4:03 AM

    Mrs. C said...
    Whoooo Mrs. D. I burned 90 calories just reading what you typed.

    I'm down two pounds.

    4:28 AM

    Kirstin said...
    Awesome job Mrs D.
    I know I have gained 2 pounds over the weekend because we were not home much and ate more than we normally would, so this week is a week of getting back on track. Eating mostly veggies, salad, salmon, and juices/smoothies.

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I wish I was close to my sister (relationally I mean)

    I noticed in some of your family pics, family members wearing certain dresses and caps...can you tell me about that or do you have a post?

    8:38 AM

    Kate in NJ said...
    Good for all of you!
    Glad you arrived safely Mrs D and the
    time change/dinner story could have been my

    9:04 AM

    Anonymous said...
    I wish I was there. I shou;d have come. I have my Dr appt today so give me a call tonight.

    Do you miss Tiger Lilly. She has a bad cold. She was with Don yesterday and with Linda today. She will be at the church until 2tomorrow and then Linda is going to pick her up.

    9:25 AM

    Mary said...
    Sounds wonderful. I love a big family all working together!

    Congrats on your journey toward being healthier. I'm down 1.6 lbs for the week.

    10:16 AM

    lori said... are busy even when you are away....
    It sounds wonderful though...many hands making lighter work...

    and WAY TO GO on the weight loss!!
    and while traveling....
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

    oh, and I just got to the post about the chores....and AMEN sister...we don't have a "chart" either....we all just do....
    The kiddos help with dishes, putting up their laundry, and cleaning their rooms.....They help cook too. Much like that quote from Robots...."see a need, fill a need!"

    It works! We have to occasionally remind them, this is YOUR house and YOUR family....let's work together....

    It's all in how you train them!!
    Have a safe trip home!

    11:32 AM

    REAL ME said...
    Sounds busy but fun! I am so happy for your weight loss. I wanted to know how do you figure out the calories of things like when you go out for lunch or a little bit of that? DO you just know from experience what the calorie intake is? Or just play it a little? Whatever you are doing it seems to be working for you. I like the fact that you are still treating yourself but with lots of moderation. My problem is self-discipline. I say I really want to lose weight but I also really don't mind eating that candy bar or two. :0) I need to get down to buisness.

    12:33 PM

    Jennifer said...
    If anyone can lose weight well, it would be you, Mrs. Darling. Self-discipline is your specialty. :)

    Were you full after such a light dinner? If you can do THAT, with company all around you, then I have NO DOUBT that you will be at your dream weight before you know it. Good job!

    1:21 PM

    Christina said...
    Weigh 2 Go!!! (LOL)

    1:35 PM

    Amy said...
    It sounds like you've done really well :-)

    8:12 PM

    Lisa said...
    Well done with the weight loss, sounds like you're having a lovely time with your all family, lucky you!


    1:33 AM

    Mammy said...
    Weight loss and physical fitness are now my two big areas to conquer too.

    I'm impressed girl. Thanks for the motivation.

    11:29 AM

    missy said...
    Well, I am *NOT* doing well....but good for you! You are an inspiration. :)

    12:25 PM

    PJ said...
    Bless you for your will power. Three bites!! And two bites???!! I do better on abstinence!!! :)

    6:21 PM

    mykidsmom said...
    Mrs.D: YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED by me.

    And yes, I am aware you don't like tags. But since YOU are the one who prodded me to start my own blog...indirectly, you are partly responsible for me needing people to tag. Don't try to figure out what I just said, just play along...PLEASE.

    8:41 PM

    james said...
    that was some awsome control power.How did you managed not to eat turkey sandwith??
    I am a health concious person and i do body building.
    keep up the spirit,

    11:22 PM

    beckyboop said...
    I forgot to stop in on Tuesday and "weigh in." I am down 2 more pounds! Yipee!!!

    4:55 PM

    Mrs. Darling said...
    Way to go Becky!

    5:06 PM


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