Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weigh in Week 7

Okay so this is it! I lost half a pound this week. Im going to have to be happy with that because I didnt go over my calorie limit ever. I ate out three times and still stayed on track. Some weeks the body needs to adjust they tell me. I just wish it would have been a half a pound more so I could reach the thirty pound mark!! It seems like that weight is so elusive!

Hey I have a question for you all. I think it would be cool to put down our pounds to goal in the sidebar too. What do you think? Im going to do it for those who have checked in and reported their goal losses. If you all don't like it then just tell me and I'll take it off.

Okay, so come one come all and weigh in.

Val) -4
Mrs. C) -3
Mamaolive) -2
Southerner) -1.5

Brandi) -1
Nikki) -1
Annette) -.5
Mrs. Darling) -.5

Janelle) 0
Alltheveas) +2

A big welcome to fierybydesign as she joins us this week with a total weight loss of 18 pounds since January.

Our other new loser is Janelle! She joins us for the first time with an 8 ppund loss since January. You both are very welcome here. I hope you find support and encouragement as you lose those pounds with us. If you scroll down you will see that there is a prize breakfast package offered to the biggest loser this month. Next month we will be working toward another prize so you both can join us in Mays monthly race too!


  1. Ok Mrs. Darling I'm going to join in here with ya. I have lost 18 lbs since I started at the beginning of the year half heartedly. Yesterday I decided to get serious about this as I still have 137 lbs to go. I have a long way to go but I'm here and ready to be a BIG LOSER! :)

  2. fiery by design good for you! We're glad to have you.

  3. I have lost 1 1/2 lbs. I am cheating a little, though, and taking Dexatrim this week. I could not stop the ravenous desire to eat- chocolate, chips, crackers, anything. It is helping me to not be hungry. I KNOW IT IS BAD, but I am desperate. I hope to get all the sugar out of my system and stop taking the pills.

  4. Well southerner Im about to do that too. lol

  5. I'm joining too! I'm Janelle and since January I have lost 8 pounds, with 102 left to go. I joined WW about 6 weeks ago. This week I didn't lose any.

  6. Hey, I lost 2 lbs this week. I guess I'm in the 'easy' stage because I'm doing it all wrong and still losing. I do feel my metabolism has improved a lot with being more active. Praise be to God, I couldn't do it on my own (I know - I've tried).

  7. I actually lost a pound this week! I haven't lost anything in about six weeks, so I've been getting discouraged. Of course, it's not like I don't have anything going on, like moving next week.

  8. Minus three! Yayyyyy. I knew I had been doing "right" those two weeks I lost nothing, and it finally caught up to me.

  9. Ohhh... and since Jan. 25 I have lost a *total* of 24 pounds. Of course, I had a baby then and so that was 9 of it. (Still counts IMO!)

  10. Yep Mrs C it still counts. I beleive Nikki has had a baby since then too. It all counts; every single pound!!

    And welcome to you Janelle! Glad you're joining us!

  11. You brat!! ....
    Btw.... pounds to goal is (at the moment : ) ) 16.

  12. Well I have gained a pound. However I am counting it as an achievement since it is that time of the month and I usually gain 5.

  13. I like the pounds to goal countdown idea, if it isn't too much work for you to keep all the numbers crunched. My total goal was 92 lbs, which means I have... ... 79.5 to go. Oy! That would take me to a reasonable weight.

  14. I just got back from a walk with my best friend. (The hill around the corner kicked my tuckus! Feels good though.) She called me a couple weeks ago and said, "I'd really like to help support you in your weight loss. I'd like to commit to walk three times a week with you?" Isn't she just the best?!

    I like the idea of posting the pounds yet to lose. (Mrs. D you have 132 yet to go for me and it's actually 137...wish it was 132 lol) I keep a weight loss ticker going on my igoogle page that tracks my loss. I'm a visual person and I like to see the change. :) So I'm all for it.

    I want to encourage everyone with a big I'M PROUD OF YOU & WAY TO GO!!

  15. Hi everyone. While I DID tell Mrs.Darling in "real life", I neglected to stop by here to say that I am ducking out for a while on the counting of calories. I am within the range of what my weight should be now, but need to focus on the muscle-building part..doesn't sound like much fun, huh? Anyway, good luck to the rest of you. Those numbers are looking good!:)

  16. I lost 1 pound this week. that's pretty good since I was at a birthday party for our nephew Saturday and took a break from my diet.

    I have 81 more pounds to lose to meet my goal weight.

  17. my kids mom Ill just stick a "goal" beside your name then if you want to join in the summer again or whatever you just take off from there. We need to have some name to look at thats at goal! LOL

  18. Well I only lost 1/2 pound this week. That takes me to a full 33 pounds total. Only 76.5 to go. Yikes that seems so far away losing at this rate. Well congrats to everyone on their hard work this week.

  19. I lost four pounds!!!!! I was so ecstatic this morning. What a great way to start the day :)
    This MORE than makes up for last weeks stall. Praise God!

  20. wow val way to go!!!

    Heather way to go. You're still moving along thats what matters.

  21. oh wow, what a great group of ladies!!! I would love to join you for next month!!!! Way to go ladies!!! I would love to get back on my journey with new friends!

  22. You most certainly can join. Just give me your weight loss for January, your weight loss for this week, if any, and how many pounds to goal and you are on your way!!

  23. I didn't put my pounds to goal- mine is 67.5. Looong road.

  24. whoops...sorry. I forgot. So I quick weighed in this morning...and nothing. I did not lose anything. I also did not gain. But I thought for sure I would lose weight well since I am only working at the cafe 2x a week. bummer, I may have to incorporate...gulp...excersise into the mix here...
    Great job for everyone else!

  25. Ok, I am the daughter. Seeing my mother lose all this weight has inspired me to get into gear. I want to lose 50 pounds and I have lost 0 pounds since January.:)


  26. Okay thanks for the invite to join in
    My start weight
    100kg (220lb)

    My weight today
    97.7kg (215lb)

    My Dr tells me that I should be
    70kg (154lb)

    So I have to lose
    27.7kg (61lb)

  27. Okay gottcha. Glad to have you join!

  28. Mrs. D.
    I guess I need to do this on Monday night huh?? lol.
    Okay you were correct about South beach I am finally taking some pds off. yeah. I hope that my scale is not playing with me again.
    I weighed 159 this morining. I think thats -6 pds. I think I came in at 165 last time...hmm Im pretty sure.


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