Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weigh In Week 8

So here we are at weigh in day again. I lost exactly 1 pound this week. So how did you all do? For the last two days I was a pound less then what I was this morning but yesterday I was just ravenous. I've been extremely tired the last week too. I think I need to start taking a multiple vitamin.

I am thrilled with this weeks weight loss though. It means I have finally reached the thirty pound weight loss mark! I have now officially lost 30 pounds and I am happy. I have lost two dress sizes and a shoe size! I couldn't believe it Sunday when I put my shoes on! I just walked right out of them! Who knew you could lose so much weight on your feet!

So where does this find the rest of you? Today's weigh in ends the April challenge. Later this week, after all the weigh ins get tallied, I will go back and figure up a winner for the month! SO lets see how you all did.

Vanessa) -6
Rose) -5.5
Mrs C) -3

Rachelle) -3
Alltheveas) -2
Brandi) -2

Annette) -1.5
Cajunchick) -1
Heather) -1
Mrs. Darling) -1

Southerner) -1
Janelle) 0
Mamaolive) 0
Katrina) 0
Val) +2


  1. I have lost 1 lb this week. I also was down another lb for a couple of days before today but today it is only 1 lb. I had a really bad day yesterday with the kids and was still uptight when we got to baseball- so I bought a diet coke and a Snickers bar. They keep them in the refrigerator so it was cold and everything. It did not do what I wanted it to. It tasted too sweet and made me feel like I hadtoo much suger. I guess it shows that I have finally rid my body of the addiction of sugar. Just still working on the reaction to stress:)

  2. First of all CONGRATS on hitting the 30 pound mark Mrs. D! :) HOORAY for you! I'm getting closer to that mark too and can't wait for it.

    This week I lost 3.2 lbs. So I'm down 21.2 lbs total and got 133.8 to go. Sorry to be so precise on the numbers I'm just reading it off my ticker. :)

  3. Good job everyone!

    I'm down 2 more pounds this week.

    Southerner, I understand exactly what you mean about the sugar. I went for about two weeks without a Dr. Pepper. Then a week ago Saturday I drank one while we were on a road trip. It tasted like straight syrup! I don't use artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes so this really increases the effect. My drinks are now mostly water, unsweetened tea, and occasionally unsweetened coffee.

  4. I am down 2 lbs! 6 overall! what a yo-yo! : ( : )

  5. Congrats to you all! I am down 1 pound this week... that should be 3 pounds for the month.
    I would like to lose about 105 more.

  6. I'm down nothing this week. I need to get back into it. I have not been faithful in sticking to writing down what I eat and moving more. Time to start a new week on the right foot!

  7. Congrats MrsD!
    You can put me down as 0. I'm trying to add, but it isn't working; I think 0 is right. lol

  8. Up two pounds....not really a surprise since the great pig-out of '08, but still disheartening. Oh well, time to jump back on the wagon!!!!
    Congrats to the rest of ya'll :)
    And woo-hoo to Mrs. Darling!! 30 lbs-that's so awesome :D

  9. I forgot to weigh myself this morning; I don't know why since it's not like I'm in the middle of unpacking or anything. So I do not know how I am doing. I always weigh first thing in the morning before breakfast; gotta be as light as possible. I will try to remember to weigh tomorrow morning and let you know then.

    I would like to lose ten more pounds for a total of 35.

  10. My total goal is 50 lbs. This week I've lost 5.5.

  11. Welcome Rose. Thanks for jumping in here!

  12. definitely the multi-vitamin!!


  13. Sorry I forgot to weigh in yesterday. I lost 1 lb. and have 30 to lose.

  14. First congrats on hitting the 30 pound mark. That is fantastic. Sorry that I frgot to weigh in yesterday. You can put me down for one pound. Oh so far to go. 75.5 more to go.

  15. Okay, finding the positive here. I didn't gain weight, I suppose I really lost some weight (now that really is a joke) but come on .01 of a weight loss. Oh well, the weather has turned cold and I really haven't been moving as much as I should so will take this as a kick in the pants to keep moving. Sorry for not getting this to you on time, I wonder if I can set something up to remind me when to post my weight here so that I don't forget next time

  16. Actually not that it really makes any difference but that was kilos so that means I have lost an amazing .3 of a pound. yippy!!!!! Gee spot the sarcasm here hey????

  17. Well its .3 gone and not gained! :)


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