Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Dieting is time consuming to say the least! I seem to be stuck at a comfortable weight for my body. It just likes moving back and forth between the same three pounds. Well, I'm tired of that! This weight was not my destination.

I'm not sure what my husband is thinking sometimes. He really wanted me to lose this weight but now it seems like he's sabotaging every effort. He says he isn't and that he doesn't even think about it when he shops, but lets just take a look at least nights dinner; potato salad, Johnsonville sweet sausages grilled with green pepper, hot dog buns, tortilla chips and salsa. Desert was Baby Ruth icecream.

I asked him why he bought the icecream and he said it was because he had remembered me asking for it for a recipe awhile back! A recipe a while back? Try Christmas! And what about those sausages? One of them alone was 270 calories! Now I have to admit the potato salad was my fault. I made my potato salad and its to die for. Do you know how hard it is to sit there and eat half a sausage with no bun, 1/4 c potato salad and no icecream? Well its hard.

After dinner I watched a movie with hubby and all I could think about was that Baby Ruth icecream. I eventually gave in and had a bowl of it; not just a tine bowl but three scoops! I was just tired of fighting the odds all the time. I ate three scoops and would have eaten more if I wouldn't have been full at that point. I was just mad about the whole diet thing.

Well the anger may have been a good thing. I have made some resolves to myself. I may not understand hubbys sabotage but if he wants to spend money on sausages then Im going to spend money on salmon or sushi or any other thing I want for my diet. The funny thing is that money isn't the issue. So then why don't I just buy the foods I want? This is going to sound strange but its because we are not in the habit of buying those foods. Mr Darling hates fish so we never buy it unless I personally go to the fish market and get it. And thats exactly whats going to happen from here on out. When the family eats chicken or turkey I'll eat it with them otherwise I'm going to have my beloved fish!

I'm also going to go to the Farmers Market here in town and purchase local produce. The season is cold and wet and not much is happening yet but when it does I am there! I have to put my diet and health first.

Now I'm going to have a long talk with hubby!


  1. Oh boy, I hear you loud and clear. I finally got to the point where I "gave myself permission" to buy food just for myself, specifically for me. I always bought food for our whole family, and that meant that I missed out on a lot of foods that I like because no one else enjoys them. I got a laugh out of your post because fish is an issue in our household also. DH nearly hates fish, but I love salmon. So, while he eats sweet Italian sausages that I can't think about eating if I want to lose weight, I can enjoy my fish.

  2. It's funny, but my wife and I very rarely eat the same food. We have totally different tastes in food and before we got married we resolved that we would each look after our own food. It's worked pretty well over the last 4 years but it is rather unusual to say the least. :)

  3. Hey, it is me- Bottom of the list of weight loss, Southern Seven, here. I find that if I cook up food and have something quick but good I do a lot better at fighting the urge to eat what they are having. I know you are good at preparing ahead. Isn't it funny that the foods never are as good as you imagined they would be, are they? I totally understand about money not being the issue but you don't spend it on yourself. I think that is one reason we are fat. We put ourselves last (even unconciously) and don't make this a priority. My husband will spend lots of money on work out clothes and equipment when he decides to work out (never lasts more than a month) but I will not buy the cute expensive outfits that I want. I keep saying I will get something when I lose weight. Uh, hello, I am going to be n*ked. Buy what you need if you have the money because you are worth the effort and money to do what it takes to be healthier.

  4. Great post Mrs. Darling. This is something I know I needed to here. I always shop for hubby and kids, and put my self (my health!) on the back burner. And we are the same on fish-I never buy it, but I love it!! Well no more! It's fish for me baby!

  5. chiming in with the eating different things as well.

    if I ate like my man Id look....like my man (*wink*)


  6. So, I read over at Dishpan Dribble that you went to the store. What kinds of foods did you buy?


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