Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ice Cream U Scream

I love the hot weather because it takes away my appetite and makes me want to drink more water. On the other hand it makes me crave water too. But actually things are going well on the diet front. I say that just before a confession. I have had ice cream two nights in a row. For some reason Ive really been craving it and I decided a long time ago that if this is a lifetime way of eating I have to make it fit my life; not really profound but very true. So Ive had a 1/2 cup of ice cream in the evenings. To be honest last night I had an entire cup. But the rest of the time I have been eating my salads and getting my proteins. The scale shows a loss of a pound so I guess my ice cream isn't having too bad of an effect. Now to keep that pound off over the weekend!


  1. I have my friend here and intended to eat well. Intended. Coming from Papua New Guinea I have told them to direct our meals as to what they want and cannot get there. We have had hamburgers, pizza, chinese, and lasagna tonight. EL fudge cookies, chips and dip, icecream. I have had good portion sizes and limited the sweets and chips but I have eaten them. They leave tomorrow(boo hoo) so I can get back into a better diet. She is making me walk(they walk EVERYWHERE.)

  2. Let me tell you what my dad does. He had been carrying a spare tire around (we laughed when I was pregnant because we had the same-sized belly!), and he finally decided to lose some weight. My mom made him a caramel cake, I don't know how long ago it was, but it was a while. He stuck it in the freezer, and every night or so, he cuts off a little sliver. That way he gets a good taste, but very few calories. Could you do that with ice cream? Could you just get a tablespoonful and savor that for a few minutes? It's just an idea.

  3. Yep thats how I ended up doing it and now the craving is passed. It was very temporary, thank goodness.

  4. I usually do have a spoonful of ice cream as I make the kiddos a cone almost every night.

    I do eat dessert every night though.


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