Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weigh In Week 17

I stayed the same! Now lets take a look at these numbers. Last week I was 218 pounds on weigh in day. Friday that went up to 219.5! Saturday it was 219 & 3/4, Sunday it shot up to 221 & 3/4! Monday it came back down to 220. Tuesday it was 219 & 3/4, Wednesday it was 219 and now today it's back to 218. That's a fluctuation of almost 4 pounds in one week!

I ask myself why I'm not more worried or more upset at my stalemate. Even though May shows a loss of 3 pounds it was really just losing the 3 pounds I had gained the last week of May. I hit 218 pounds on the May 21st weigh in and have been maintaining since then. That means that this is the 7th week that I have maintained my weight at 218 pounds. Sometimes during those weeks I've dipped as low as 217.25. I've been as high as 221 and 3/4. So Ive messed around with 5 pounds for almost two months. Somehow Ive managed to land back at 218, or a variation of it, in time for weigh in every week.

In past weight loss attempts I would have long ago given up this weight loss thing having gone 7 weeks without a loss. But this time is different. I don't even feel discouraged. It's weird. I think its because I've totally changed my mindset about weight loss.

Before embarking on this new way of eating last January I spent at least a year preparing my mind for it. I cut out a few things from my diet and replaced them with healthy choices but I wasn't losing weight. I was just sorta experimenting. I kept close track of Mel's loss over at Diet Naked. She was really the catalyst for me finally getting in the game.

So I spent a year, reading about health and fitness, diet and nutrition but I just wasn't ready to bite the bullet. After Christmas that year I hit my highest weight when not pregnant. I hit 252 on the scales. My highest pregnancy weight with my 11 pound baby was 256. This was scary stuff. I went to the doctor. I had a physical and it was then I decided to seize the moment. It was time to get this weight off.

I have never been thin but it wasn't until the last 10 years that I was considered obese. Somewhere in those years I went from obese to morbidly obese. I needed to reclaim my life. My mind was in the right place having prepared myself mentally for a year now. When I began I gave myself 2 years to lose 100 pounds. By then I would be 50 years old. I want to go into old age healthy.

So now that Ive stayed the same weight for 7 weeks it doesn't have the same feel as it used to when I crash dieted. I see myself making better choices. I see myself reaching for lean meats and veggies. I even see myself drinking water when I used to go days without a drink. Now I feel all panicky if I get in the car for a day out and I dont have my water with me.

Its these changes that make me feel positive that Im heading in the right direction. My frame of mind this time around is just so different. Rather then going off the diet when I plateau I just keep making healthy choices. I'll tell you one of the hardest times to eat healthy has been during my migraines. I don't want to have to think about what to eat. Its just easier to grab stuff. My migraines can often last for 2 weeks so I have to get this mastered.

Today I'm cutting up a big salad to store in the fridge and boiling some eggs and grilling some chicken so I have some good protein choices.

I want to end my plateau though. It's time now. I usually don't set weight loss goals by the week but this time I am. I want to lose 2 pounds this coming week. That would pull me safely out of this place where I have landed.

Okay so lets weigh in!
Mamaolive) - 4.5
Nikki) - 1
fierybydesign) 0
Marbel) 0
Mrs darling) 0
Rachelle) 0
Southerner) 0
Brandi) + 2
Vanessa) + 2


  1. I'm up 2 lbs. My total lost is now 11 lbs. I started drinking pop again while we were on vacation. I have to get back to more water.

  2. I lost 4.5 lbs this week! That makes a total loss of 21, and leaves just 69lbs to my goal.
    I can't see the difference yet, but I'm beginning to feel it - I catch myself slouching all the time, just as I do after having a baby.
    Mentally, I am SO in a good place. I "own" this diet and nobody can make me overeat!

  3. Brandi, don't worry about being up or down 1 or 2 pounds. Losing weight is a long term process and you don't need to weigh yourself every day. In fact, seeing that you are up 2 lbs. (which is really not much and could be water weight) can actually end up discouraging you.

    I, too, am on a weight loss plan. I have lost about half the weight that is my goal. I'm losing 10 lbs. a month, a total goal of 65 lbs. It looks like the blogger is doing things right losing weight consistently over time.

    Good luck!

  4. My scale is saying Err2 today so I will use the weight from yesterday which was the same as last week, so "0" for me.

    Good for you and your attitude. Are you still daily walking? Do you know your migraine triggers? Mine are cigarette and perfume smells, blinking lights, going too long without food then eating chocolate or high sugar. I can feel my hand start to tingle and get sinus headache and if the tingle in my hand makes it up to my neck I am in deep trouble. I am in the bed begging God to just take me now. I am able to stop most when I feel it coming on. Two weeks would be awful. Have you looked into cluster headaches?

  5. You have the right attitude Mrs. Darling and I'm so proud of you for it! You're going to lose the weight and gain a whole new look on life at the same time. :)

    As for my weigh in it's a zero for me. No change.

  6. I lost a pound. It must be walking twice a day. I take the children in the morning, and then my husband drags us all back out in the evening! At least when he goes, he pushes the double stroller up all those hills!

  7. I stumbled upon your blog today, I just started one of my own!
    I put a link to yours on my page so I can keep reading.. you've given me some inspiration, thank you!

  8. Well, I am still the same. How many weeks I have been doing this, and still the same...

  9. I would love to join the weigh-ins! Thank you!

  10. I am at 0 loss. Which I am okay with because after the weekend of bbq's and having a houseful of company, I gained 4.5 pounds. I shed thouse pounds and now back to where I was last week. Hopefully a loss for next week

  11. Ok sorry just realized I didn't send you my results for July 10th I lost 1.6lbs so that rounds down to 1.5lbs so I am down 57.6lbs total...yippie!! I will send you the results for this week on Thursday. Sorry I missed it this last Thursday. Was just catching up on people's blogs and realized I missed it. Also saw I was the June winner so thanks. Someone said they sent me an email but I didn't get anything. It may have gone in my spam box and been deleted accidentally so if you would resend it and put blogspot in the subject and I'll keep an eye out for it. Sorry for this mix up. My a/c in my car blew up last week and it cost me almost $1700 to get it fixed so I was a little Oh well things happen but when its 112 degrees you gotta have a/c so you get it fixed. : ) Congrats everyone & keep up the good work!!


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