Sunday, August 10, 2008

Holding on

Lost a pound yesterday but now I have a splitting headache. I get migraines every time I initially cut calories.

This is Sunday and typically a hard day for me diet wise. Im determined to come through the day with a loss. I'll have to eat more protein today and see if I can get rid of this migraine.

B- egg, toast
L- grilled chicken, salad, cous cous, corn on the cob
D- still unknown
S- watermelon, cheese


  1. yep yep yep more protein.

    should help your head and stave off the IM HUNGRIES!!!

    stick with it,


  2. My vacation is coming in a couple weeks. I am going to try to stick to my eating plan. It's going to be a challenge. I hope the regained pounds you acquired are short lived.

  3. What is it with us hitting the patches of migraines at the same time? That's it, I'm not hanging out with you anymore! LoL

    Hope it gets better soon:)

  4. Im convinced mine is barometric pressure and if yours are coming the same as mine then I bet yours are affected by air pressure too. Im also easily prone to migraines if I dont get enough protein. I think this one is a combo of both.

  5. Sundays are the hardest days for me, as well. I find myself picking around, etc. I'm trying to plan for the "Sunday duldrums" by coming up with some things/activities to do to divert my attention from idle snacking. I'm so sorry about the headaches - a friend here at my office is a fellow-sufferer and she blames changes in the barometric pressure as well. Hope you find some relieve soon.

  6. One of these time I'm going to get back with this. I started a "rice and raw" diet last week to see if I could get to feeling better along with shcoking my body into losing. so far it really hasn't done anything so...I don't know. I'm back to gaining and losing over and over again. I started curves agin . I'm doing the extra workout with the Curves smart program, but I promptly gained two pounds so....I just plain don't know what to do besides fast or something.

  7. Well dont fast! You'll ruin everything!

  8. Interesting on the headaches...check your water intake too. I find when I miss a few glasses, I get a killer headache. You can do it :)


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