Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weigh In Week 30

I managed to stay the same weight wise! I am amazed I held onto my weight through everything. The last couple of days were quite rocky to speak nothing of the will power needed at four days of camp! I feel like Im on a huge learning curve here when it comes to my body and weight! So anyway, time to weigh in. Where is everybody?

New Me) - 3
Mrs C) - 1.5
Mrs darling) 0
Marbel) 0


  1. Oh no, I forgot to weigh myself this morning! I'll have to do it tomorrow morning. I just got done eating lunch when I read your post and was reminded. This morning was a rush of getting everyone out the door for homeschool gym.

  2. down 3 lbs this week to a weight of 239 :) It was a great week!

    Congrats on maintaining!

  3. I think I must have missed a weigh in too. My loss so far is 68 lbs

  4. I have missed a few weighins. Honestly, I don't think I can concentrate on losing weight until after the election. It is occupying my mind too much right now but that's the way it is. I guess I am turning to food for comfort?? :-) So, I am the same - at least not going up!

  5. I think I gained a pound. I'm not totally sure, because my husband cleared off our desk and my weigh-in sheet is missing.

    Since I don't know exactly how much, I'll give you updated figures for the sidebar. I think the total lost got a little mixed up in my ups and downs.

    Total lost = 11 lbs.
    Pounds to goal = 79 lbs.

  6. Well done for staying the same.

    I had a tough few days end of last week beginning of this week and totally agree with your last post about sugar and insulin.

    I have found that once I start eating sugar it is so hard to stop.

    I have given you an 'I Love Your Blog' Award as I find your blog very motivating to read and inspire me.

    Have a great week.


    have a great weekend.


  8. Sorry I missed the weigh in. I am reading your posts, but I'm not losing weight! Our run of birthdays is past, so I'm clear til Thanksgiving (I think). At some point it has to get better.


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