Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weigh In Week 36

Great, what a yo yo life I have bobbing around at the end of the diet string like this; up down, up down. Okay so this is the first weigh in of a new month. I will make this month a good month. I really want to come out at January 7 having lost an even 50 pounds in a this past year. Its time to get my nose dirty on the grindstone.

I gained the 2 pounds I lost last week. I now weigh 211.5. That makes Novembers weight 5,5 pounds different than Octobers. The only problem is that its a five pound gain not loss. Ooops.

Vanessa) + 5
Mrs darling) + 2
Brandi) + 1


  1. I feel you pain!

    I ate less this week and exercised and still gained a pound.

  2. So sorry! We'll get to our goal yet. Just watch us!

  3. I too am up on the scale. Between the holidays and all the stress in my life at the moment I am not making good eating choices. I went to the gym a handful of times and momentarily have lost all will to go again.
    I am so glad you do this because without this blog I am sure I would have regained all weight by now anyway. My dh's health took a turn for the worse but the doctor took measures to see that it spikes back up so I hope some of the stress in my life will start to wane.
    I am up 5 lbs. sniff


  4. Well Vanessa you have company. We are doing poorly this week. Sorry about your hubby. Hopefullyt we can all come in with abetter loss next week.

  5. You look amazing Mrs Darling! This time of the year is hard. You've made wonderful progress!!


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