Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weigh in

Okay so here it is weigh in time again. Anyone interested in doing this for the new year? I lost half a blessed pound this week! That means that I end the dieting year with exactly 41 pounds lost in 2008. I weigh 211 and that is where I begin the new year. This year I am aiming for a pound a week loss. That will give me 52 pounds lost for a total of 83 lost. This is a very achievable challenge I've set for myself. I like achievable goals. This past year I came in under a pound a week. If I would have lost about a fifth of a pound more each week I would have made 52.

Okay dont figure that too closely. I am not a Math wizard. I just figured there were 44 quarter pounds in 11 pounds and there are 52 weeks in a year so it would be less then a quarter pound that I would have needed to lose a week to equal 52 (oh boy now I'm confusing myself). So whatever the fractional number would have been it certainly isn't much and I could have done that had I watched things a fractional bit closer.

So here I am with lots of good habits under my belt and ready to begin my second year! Im hyped and ready to go! Let me know if you want to hitch your wagon to mine for the trail ahead!


  1. you are so motivated I would love to hitch my WANNA ACHIEVE THESE GOALS wagon to yours.

    so many floating about in my mind...must.make.happen.

  2. It's been a while since I weighed myself. I'm avoiding it. I'll have to weigh myself tomorrow morning and then again next week to get back in line.

  3. i am up a lb since Christmas but hoping to see a better number when I weigh in on new day to weigh :)


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