Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weigh in

Another week has come and gone. I had a very good week of eating healthy.This week I didn't track my food because I was happy with the way the weight was coming off. I lost 2 pounds this week putting me at 208. I like to lose two pounds a week. Anything more than that worries me that I am starving my body, or that I will surely gain it back the next week.

I'm surprised at the 2 pound loss following a 4 pound loss last week. Usually after a loss like that its all I can do to hang onto it!

Today also marks the last weigh in for January. This makes my total weight loss for January all of three and a half pounds. I'll take it. If you look at the sidebar where I post my monthly losses you will see that this is the best month Ive had since October. I definitely feel back on track after derailing over the holidays! Believe me, this year I am going to be more prepared for Halloween and the effect on me. It was all down hill from then through Christmas this year. I'm not going to allow that to happen this coming fall!

So weigh in if you like. I'm going to update the sidebar and take off names that no longer check in here. When you check in today tell me your total loss for this week and also the total that needs to be on the sidebar along with how many pounds you have to goal.

So how did you do?

New me) -6
Mrs Darling) -2
Brandi) -1


  1. 1 lb. lost this week

    12 lbs. total lost

    78 lbs. to go

    I was hoping for a bigger loss, but 1 lb. is better than 0.

    Great job this month, Mrs. Darling!

  2. great job. I love coming by and seeing you so *happy* and the pounds lost are just a bonus.

    xo xo,


  3. 2 lbs is great! I would love to lose 2 each week but darn it if my body doesn't approve of it :)

    This week was awesome for me ;) I lost 6 lbs!!!! My new total loss is 83 and I have 64 lbs to go to goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WOW great loss! you're well on your way to your goal!

    ps I think you have a typo in you profile, it says 48 but looking at your photo I think it should say 38.

  5. Thank you scale junkie. :) But yes 48 it is and its actually almost 49! sigh


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