Monday, February 23, 2009

This would be easier if I didnt have to eat

Okay so the thin mints are gone and no I don't want anymore. Did I throw them away? Nope, I ate them. Oh well, that's another chapter of my life. Thankfully today I turn the page. Ive been dieting over a year now and I still find myself apprehensive about situations away from home.

Thursday I leave for three days for a conference in California. I'm worried. I cant afford to use this as a time for eating. I need to stay on the level playing field here and not get sidetracked. I'm trying to come up with a plan that will help me stay on track while I'm there. Actually not eating at all sounds the easiest! sigh.

I like healthy foods. I like the way I feel when I eat healthy. I like the feeling of losing weight. I like how I look now that I'm fifty pounds lighter than last year. I cant wait until Ive lost another fifty pounds and reach goal! So then, pray tell, why would I jeopardise that goal?

Food! Will I ever understand you? Will you ever truly be my friend or will you always back stab me when I'm off guard? Believe me, Mr Food, if I could live without you I would! But since I cant I can only determine that you will not rule over me! I will come home from California and prove to you and myself that I am in charge; just see if I don't!


  1. Good luck at the conference! At least it's in California which from everything I've been told is trying to force itself into being healthier ... even when (or maybe especially when) eating out!

  2. you can do it :) Bring lots of healthy options with you and eat before the actual meals :)

  3. I'm with you. It often seems easier for me to not eat anything than to try to restrain myself. Every bite of food is a struggle sometimes.

  4. Being out of ones comfort zone can be tricky so just try your best and you'll be fine.... good luck!

  5. You are so right...eating out is always challenging for me, especially in social situations where I'm a little nervous. One of my strategies that works sometimes is to order a glass of ice water and hold on to that at cocktail parties. Keeps down the mindless noshing on those fatty appetizers and the empty calories from alcohol too.

    Best of luck with your conference!


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