Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My cholestrerol went up when my weight went down

My eating is going well. I never go off the plan anymore. That's a good thing but its also a bad thing. Its bad in that when the weight loss slows it cant be corrected with diet. It is then time to turn to more water or more exercise. Its so much easier for me to change diet then to do all the other stuff.

I just got my lab work back and my cholesterol went up instead of down. I was hoping that with a 50 pound loss I would see my cholesterol drop. Apparently this rise in cholesterol is common when a person is losing weight. I googled it and discovered that the body is releasing fat and toxins into the system and this in turn raises the cholesterol. The report I read cautioned against taking any medication for cholesterol if this is your case.

I really wonder if my doctor knows this. She wants to see me in four months and decide then whether I need meds. I'm going to print off this article I found on the web about it and give it to her. My overall cholesterol is not high its just that the ratio from bad to good is off. I am now just a little over 200 total cholesterol. Ive never been that in my life but I'm not really concerned.

In a way it helps me to have this test. It's a real sign that I indeed am breaking down fat. It helps to know that real things are happening inside of me. Its exciting in an odd sort of way.


    Im MizFit enough to say I had no idea this occurred!!
    off to goooogle it as well :)

  2. Wow, I had no idea! Now I'm afraid to have my cholesterol checked! But my BP did go down when I lost weight - no more pills, yay!

  3. this is good to know! I have my test next week.

    I'm in the same boat as you........eating right, exercising and not losing

  4. But new me I am losing weight. I have had a loss every week for five weeks now. I dont think I will this week because of the trip but I have to clear up the misunderstanding. I didnt mean to leave you all under the impression that I am stuck. Thankfully I am not. Im just a little worried about this week.:)

  5. Interesting comment about the cholesterol. My latest blood test showed the same thing..overall good but ratio of good to bad not the greatest. I am going to do some research as well. My doc never said anything about this being about losing weight. Thanks!


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