Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation is over

Diet! Did I say diet? Oops, I guess I did. That means I better get back on the program. sigh


  1. Like you, I have found that weighing every day helps me stay on track with my weight and helps to hold me accountable. You're doing great and I have no doubt you'll continue to do so. We all have those days or weeks where we just don't necessarily want to focus on dieting.

  2. we all need a "break" from the 100 percent 24/hr focus thing! I think it's crucial to staying on the path a lifetime ; )

  3. and are you kinda into getting back started after a break from routine?

    harness that enthusiasm!!!

  4. :[ Put me down as only having lost 43 pounds. Yep, gained four. Getting more serious though so even though numbers are bigger I am visiting again.


    Keeping myself accountable. Will be in next Thursday if that's the day you weigh in. So I will have nine days to start. :]

  5. Okay I hate exercising. Ok dislike but I used to love going to dance. OK ok I occasionally dance around the house when doing housework and a good song is on. Don't laugh. So I ordered some dance/exercising cd's. they just came and I hope that this will help me do something different enough that it not only keeps my interest but I will have found what works for me.
    Wow I just thought about that, It's like trying to find the right curric that works with each of your children. I just needed o find the one that works for me.
    You have such will power and discipline. I am working on my discipline. As our pastor said "it's a rock that keeps getting in my way and I am determined to remove it". When will you let us know what all you are up to now with your new plan?



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