Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in the Groove

I feel like I'm finally back in the groove as far as diet goes. Trust protein to stave off hunger and do its job! I wont be making my 6 pound loss though because I gained this month for no good reason! I do think though that I can come out with a maintenance weight. Mercy, what a yo yo. But really I have been on track now for a few days and the first few days of straightening out the insulin are the hardest! It feels so good to be losing again!

I just had to continually tell myself not to panic as I saw the weight creeping up. I lectured myself and gave myself pep talks. I told myself that I was totally in control of this and no one but me was going to stop the upward climb!

When I saw 219 I knew I was in trouble! I never want to see the 220's again. I backed off in a hurry! For several days I didn't even pay attention to how much I ate because I was trying to equalize the raging insulin! With the hormones balanced I then reigned in the calories. And now I've lost weight the last two days almost effortlessly. Its all about the control of insulin for me!

It seems so simple. It pretty much is simple, but my mind just keeps playing tricks on me. Well enough is enough. I'm heading back down now and I'm going to continue to!

I refuse to be a statistic!

I refuse to be a statistic!

I refuse to be a statistic!

There now I feel better with that out of my system!

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  1. I refuse to be a statistic!

    and you know I TOTALLY believe in the power of a mantra.

    of sending what you WANT out into the world.

    glad youre back.


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