Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cutting Sugar

I think I may just have to bite the bullet and stay away from all sugar! Now that its allergy season again I feel so drug out. Between fighting the allergies and the hypoglocemia I feel like Ive been ran over by a truck. My allergies get better when I stay away from sugar. Its funny but they really do!

I've pretty much been eating anything - just watching the calories. This week I'm going to up the protein again and lower the carbs and see what happens on the health front and on the weight loss front.


  1. Have you read Good Calories/Bad Calories by Gary Taubes? Or anything from Barry Groves or even Dr. James E Carlson? If you do, you'll never look at sugar/processed carbs the same again.

    Good luck in your journey - you've done wonderfully.

  2. I am struggling so much too. My sugar cravings are out of control. I do so much better when I cut the carbs to only certain fruits (berries, melons and small apples) and starches or sugars AT ALL or I start to crave sugar. So far today I have had a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream and a 1/2 small bag of peanut m&m's...I told myself at least the peanuts had protein. I am never going to rid myself of this weight unless I get rid of the carbs. My blood sugars are a mess and the peri menopause symptoms are highlighted by throwing gasoline on a fire....literally! I am heading to the store in a while and plan to get some fruits and veggies and some good proteins.
    Lord, give me strength!

  3. The first week is the hardest, sugar withdrawals, anything that you have withdrawals from can't be good for you! My sugar cravings have pretty much disappeared now, I hope I never get addicted again!

  4. Are you still doing Bread for Life? I started it two weeks ago, thanks to stumbling upon an older post of yours, and it is the ONLY thing that's worked for me. Five pounds down so far, and my sugar cravings are gone. No other diet has had that effect on me (and I'm someone who needed a chocolate fix at least twice a day, dessert every night, and the largest piece of cake on the menu when we went out to eat). It's easy, portable, and fits my lifestyle right now. Whether or not you're following it, thank you for the recommendation!

  5. Kathi yes Im doing Bread for Life. It is my natural diet. Its just weird but that is how I eat so I may as well incorporate it in my diet plan. I am going with pretty much just protein on the whole grain bread. Im also not using diet bread. Im cutting the bread amount in half so I can use heavy-complexcarb-whole grain-seeds and nuts bread. I use all different kinds but it has to be heavy on the fiber! I havent found a diet bread that gives you all the course fiber and nuts and protein so I just cut the amount in half and it works.

  6. By the way kathi keep me posted on how you bread diet is going.

    Bren I know all about the menopause thing. My blood sugar was pretty much under control for years and now the tiniest thing sets it off! sigh

  7. I think cutting back on sugar is great.. I dont know if really believe in cutting out all sugars.. I am assuming you are only cutting out unnecessary sugars .. processed sugars.. things such as fruits.. with natural sugars should be in any ones program..
    much luck to you.. its hard road I know.. but I also know that laying off the processed stuff can help too.

  8. Mine as well.
    and caffeine.
    Im better at avoiding the sugar than the coffee---altho "better" isnt saying too to much.


  9. I have such a sweet tooth. You should look into recipes substituting sugar with splenda or stevia. It will help when you get that sugar craving!


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