Monday, November 9, 2009


Okay, my monthly total for the month of October was another gain. I have gained a total of 8 pounds since last January. I am so tired of this. I just seem to have lost all my steam on the diet front. I say this while even today I bought some Healthy Choice freezer meals and some protien shakes to help me through the busy times. It seems like even though I am weary I still must have something in me way deep that is struggling to keep the flame alive. I just dont know how to get excited about weight loss right now.


  1. Dieting is sure no piece of cake! I picked up on your word "tired." Yesterday I wrote about being tired of the amount of energy being overweight was taking. It consumed me. I was even having stress related problems. When I decided to go on a slow cruise south (i.e., lose weight slowly without going to extremes so maybe I'd actually stick with this time), I felt like the burden was lifted. Others lose faster but I haven't gotten discouraged. The tortoise and the hare, I suppose.

  2. Give yourself a one week break. Just eat normally, sleep, rest. For one week.
    Then ease back into it and see if this doesn't kick start your weight loss.
    Sometimes, the body just needs a break.

  3. Time to shake things up a bit? It is so frustrating when the hard work doesn't show itself. Don't give up, support is always only a click away.

  4. Im with GeorgiaMist.
    perhaps and entire mental break for a week
    not giving calories or fat or sodium content a thought.
    a week FREEEE of all this.

    and then slooooowly return.


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