Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hanging On

Okay you guys Im still here and Im still trying. Im also still weighing 10 pounds more than the first of January last year. It just seems like I cant eat anything in the evening without gaining a ton and in the evening is when I am hungry. Bummed!

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  1. Hi! Great to see you back. Don't give up - recognize that during the holidays it might be a bit more challenging, but keep going, and don't give up and surrender yourself to poor eating and slacking off the exercise program. Exercise is key to getting through this time without a gain - and maybe even with a loss? Who knows? Stranger things have happened!
    Go for walks with visiting family members! You'll spend quality time with them, and interact more than if you were just watching TV or movies together. After dinner, follow the German custom of "Taking 1,000 steps" after a big meal. You will feel much better and less guilty for the inevitable indulgences of the holiday season, which will also help to avoid binging caused by feelings of guilt & hopelessness.
    Another tip: try really TASTING things - don't deny yourself the Christmas cookie, but take ONE, sit down, in a quiet, undistracted location, and truly SAVOR its flavor. (It goes without saying that the cookie you choose has to really be WORTH the savoring - no grocery-store lard-instead-of-butter artificially flavored junk!) That one carefully chosen and consciously consumed cookie will definitely satisfy you far more than a whole box of flavorless goodies gulped down in front of the TV without thinking...Good luck & keep posting!


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