Thursday, January 21, 2010

So theres no going back and fixing last week

Well today is weigh in. I've yet to figure out how anyone loses weight if they eat after 5 pm. It just doesn't happen for me. Last night I went out to dinner with five other ladies. I got a salad. It doesn't matter in the least what I eat at 7:00 pm. I could eat a salad, a bite of an apple or a huge hunkin' hamburger and it will make me gain. That's the way its always been with me. It's like my body just quits burning fuel after five pm.

I had struggled some anyway this week and was up a little. Now with last nights dinner out I have a 2.5 pound gain for the week, putting me at 220.5 Okay, time to tighten up the old diet. I'm going to make a promise here to get out and walk five times this week. Hold me to it!


  1. I weighed myself this morning. I was right about where I thought I was. Hopefully, I can report a loss next week!

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