Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weighing In

I just realized I was going to start weighing in again on Thursdays! Well I weighed this morning but I've gotten out of the habit of posting here. Okay, so I've lost 4 pounds which takes me to 218 exactly!

I need to fine tune a few things in my diet but overall things are going well. I like weighing in here because it really does help keep me accountable.

Well now I just have to do what I know to do and wait for the pounds to come off. Its not a matter of if they come off. It's all about when they come off. I just keep telling myself that losing weight is done one bite at a time. If I keep that in mind it helps me tremendously.


  1. Way to go on the loss!

    I suppose I should start weighing myself again. I really dislike stepping onto scales! I think I'll try to weigh in next Thursday.

  2. Yes. I'm a lurker. I read your blog every time you post to it.

    I don't comment because I don't think I have anything worthwhile to say.

    Congrats on the weight loss and for hanging in there.

  3. Thank you teebopop. I'm glad you made yourself known! I'll try to update here a little better than I have in the last few months! :)


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