Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trying again

Well I will cautiously say that I'm back on track. I have lost 6 pounds this last week and finally feel like I might be actually getting somewhere this time! So many false starts....but hey, if I don't start I'll never go anywhere. Most of my motivation has come from realizing that school is almost here and I'm not going to fit decently into my clothes. No, I haven't had to buy bigger sizes but the clothes I do have fit differently. I had a mixture of sizes in my closet so I have been okay but let me tell you, if I had gained even five more pounds half of those clothes would no longer fit! So I really had to do something.

Besides all that, putting on the extra 20 pounds made my knees start hurting again. I knew I couldn't continue that way so I decided there was no other option but to count calories and begin anew!

So here I am and hopefully here I will stay!

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