Saturday, November 27, 2010

Joined the Challenge

I have joined Alans Challenge for weight loss. Weigh in is Sunday. His Challenge is to eat the calories that you would eat to maintain weight if you were at goal weight and then drink an allotted amount of water that he somehow figures out with some formula of his. He has lost 160 some pounds in six months doing it this way, so I'm on board! But oh my, you all know how I hate drinking anything but coffee. Well I have to drink my allotted 105 ozs. minimum to make this work. He counts all fluids, however, which makes this diet a little easier. So here I go; a new direction but I'm hugely hopeful it will work since the only way of losing weight that has ever worked for me is cutting calories. Of course, I still have to watch that I don't eat raw veggies because of my stomach problems and that I don't eat sugar because of my blood sugar issues. Not being able to eat sugar is a good thing. Eating it wont get me to my goal anyway. But not being able to eat salads and vegetables is a bad thing and makes nutritious eating a tad more difficult. But when I think that I could be to goal by summer then everything is worth it! I will not give up...EVER!


  1. That is just fantastic. This challenge is really great for keeping you focused on the task at hand - actually taking the weight off. I too am a coffee lover. Drink your water. It helps with the weight loss. It seems hard at first, but the more you drink the more you want.

  2. Interesting.
    I gave up sugar and wheat, and lost 10 pounds in two months. It is tough during the holidays to let go of the white stuff. I am in menopause so it is especially difficult to get off this ugly fat.
    You are beautiful, you are worth it!

  3. Hey, I'll tell you how I did my ticker, hope it helps.

    Go here:

    Pick your ticker, and your moving ticker thing, lol. Then on the next page where it says "Choose Password/Pin"
    and then "Track", I chose weight change and not weight. I believe that will give you the one that looks like mine. Hope that helps!!

  4. YAY!!! welcome to the challenge. You too will become a lover of water, bathrooms and fine TP! :)

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