Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have to remember to take in the fluids!

I've been keeping my calories at 1200 this week and am trying to drink my fluids. Today was a terrible day for the liquids. I got incredibly busy teaching and when I looked at the clock I discovered that four hours had gone by without a bit of fluid or anything entering my mouth. That is not good when I basically have to be drinking every minute to get all the fluids down.

I'm eating oatmeal or cheese with whole grain bread for breakfast. From then on I'm drinking Atkins protein drinks and eating Atkins protein bars through out the day. That way I don't have to think about calories and what to eat. At dinner I am eating high protein with veggies.

Everytime I cut my calories I get migraines so this has been one headachy week for me!

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  1. I find drinking my water from a straw makes it go VERY fast...(think milkshake & how fast THOSE go!!)... Also, have you tried boiled water? In a mug, like tea or coffee, maybe w/ a bit of lemon -yummy & warms you up.


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