Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting scared

Oh great! I had determined that I would go to WW this morning. Now that the morning is here I don't want to go. How dumb is that? I'm thinking of the commitment it will take to get there every Saturday. The nearest WW meeting is 6 miles from here. Do I really want to get up every Saturday morning and drive out there to Timbuktu and weigh? Why can't I do this on my own? Do I really have the money? If I had all the money I've wasted on quack dieting I'd be rich. Why did I decide I needed help with this? I'm not hugely overweight. I can shop in all the normal stores. How important is this to me? Why is it so cold and yucky outside? Ugh! It's just ridiculous that I have to resort to meetings where everybody groans about their weight. I hate sitting around with fat myself. Maybe because I have all these doubts, it means I'm not really ready to commit and lose the weight? No! I really want to do this. But I don't want to go.


  1. If nothing else this post tells me you NEED to go. You NEED to do something. You NEED to care and take care of yourself. Here I am, the pot calling the kettle black but go or don't go, commit to something.

    XO kristen

  2. No, you have not committed. If you had committed, you'd get up, drive the distance, have the meeting, get energized, then go buy healthy groceries, come home, and eat on plan.

    The fact that you list an assortement of excuses says you have not sat down with yourself and said, "Today, i change. Today, I commit to no more excess food, no more junk food, no more candy, no more cookies, no more crap. Today I begin to exercise in earnest in a way that helps me reach my goals. Today, I begin logging every bite and sip of food and liquid that I ingest to keep a reckoning. today, I stop eating when I reach my caloric limit or points limit."

    Since you have made so many rather inconsequential reasons why you won't do this and don't want to do that, then, no, you aren't committed, hence, you will not make any progress until you do.

    But you knew that...this post is your brain letting you see how wishy washy and uncommmitted you are.

    But, today, that same brain and your heart can decide to commit.

    It's up to you. Always has been and always will be.

  3. Just go. It won't be hard. You just get in the car. Point it towards WW and go. No one can do this alone. But you have to do it. We all have to do it. The big changes come in teeny little steps: 1) put on coat 2) get keys 3) go out front door 4) get in car and 5) turn it on. Etc. There is no Try, there is only Do or Do Not. Going to WW is not hard. Allowing yourself to just get on with it - perhaps that's the harder part. Best of luck, GP

  4. You don't have to go to weight watchers and PAY to weigh yourself. I do it every morning all by myself. You don't have to go to weight watchers to count calories, in my opinion they make it even harder. Get a small notebook and start writing down every single thing you put in your mouth. Look up the calories, keep track. When you hit your calorie limit for the day quit eating!! Then with all your free time and money you didn't give to WW, go buy yourself some new workout shoes, get going and move your ass daily till you sweat. That is all free stuff you can do at home. It can be done, I've done it myself. Or you can spend all your time trying to find other ways instead of just doing the thing that works every single time. Quit eating crap and move your ass daily!!! That is the big secret. There is no magic. You have to want to be smaller and healthier more than you want to make excuses.

    I'm not sure how tall you are.. but I am 5'-3", and when I weighed 230 lbs I WAS hugely overweight.. incredibly fat even. When your belly is so huge it has to rest on your lap, and you have heat rashes that are so embarrasing you would never show or tell anyone about it, and you can't get up a flight of stairs without sucking wind - that my friend is hugely overweight.. in fact it is OBESE. I also shopped at normal stores, always in the womens section - that's fat clothes in plain english. You can buy a size 20 at JC Pennys. Just because you can buy large clothes at a "normal" store, does not mean you are at a healthy weight. But then, you may be six feet tall for all I know. 230 wouldn't be super overweight on a six foot woman. But if you are closer to my height, please don't kid yourself about being in better shape than you are. I can only assume that is just an excuse you came up with, not how you think on a daily basis. Or you wouldn't have this blog with the subtitle - On a journey to lose the weight and get healthy.

    Losing weight and getting healthy is not a journey. It is a decision we must make every day to take action. Journey sounds undecided and wandering. You have to make it a full on WAR against your bad habits that got you fat in the first place. You have to do it every single day, no matter what you feel like, even if it isn't 100%. You also have to find things that will actually work for you. Making yourself go to a meeting you don't even want to go to sounds like a recipie for failure. You have to incorporate actions and foods that you enjoy so you will continue to do them. Making yourself do things you hate will be short lived. They will not lead you to long term, successful changes that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

    And I am no pot calling the kettle black. I am someone who was fat fat fat for most of my life, up until I was 38... and even then it took me three years to really commit. I was over 240 lbs. Today, scale says 142. I did this by doing exactly what I am advising you to do. Cut all the crap from your diet and move daily till you sweat. IF you do this, you will lose weight, 100% guarantee. Or you can keep doing what you're doing (how is that going for you btw?), keep making excuses and plans and lists and dreams, and stay exactly where you are. Which is also fine, but I would change the subtitle on your blog to say "A journey to stay exactly where I am and learn how to be happy with it" or something like that.

  5. I agree with Lisa that if you hate the idea of meetings, don't do meetings. I assumed you wanted to go cause a gruop support would work for you.

    Lots of us online do free tools like Fitday or SparkPeople to log calories, get exercise ideas, log training, get recipes, find forums for support.

    You don't have to drive anywhere. BUT...I actually think if you are a personality type that thrives with group support, it's worth it.

    If you're not, why pay? Do it on your own or with some buddy....

  6. Please DO SOMETHING NOW; I have a tendency to want perfect plans and I research stuff for hours tweaking the plan etc...really it was just a way to do nothing and feel sort of good about myself. Finally I just said enough is enough and freaking took a walk, then another, and another, then I started eating better. Huh who would have thought eating less and moving more works! Even without the 'perfect plan', so just do it...anything...before it is too late. FYI, I lost over 50LBS on WW and it was very out of my way and inconvenient and I did it anyway.

    Good luck - you can do this - if you really want too!

  7. There are lots of options - one being TOPS which is very affordable but the WIs make you accountable. Our club is $2 per week. But you do have to be ready to do the work -- with any program. ((( hugs ))) We're all learning.

  8. Sounds like me. Something will sound like a really good idea and I'll sign up for it and then when the day comes, I want to back out. Part of my anxiety disorder.

    If I make myself go things usually turn out okay. If I allow myself to avoid it, thing undoubtedly get worse.

    I'm not saying WW is good/bad/indifferent but if you wanted to go and if you're going to beat yourself up for not going . . . then you should go. And also, know that you aren't the only one who feels that way.

  9. Oh my god. Are you freaking serious? I have walked farther than you're afraid to DRIVE to. Yes, you can buy clothes at a "normal" store, but the articles of clothing you're buying would wrap around a "normal" sized person twice. I still have 20 lbs to lose and am 80 lbs less than you. Please stop making excuses and own up to the fact that getting healthier is not your top priority.

  10. gee . . .who could THAT be? If not Allan, then a fan of his to be sure.

  11. I know. That could easily be someone from over there but on the other hand I have blogged for 8 years and have aquired tons of trolls so it could be one of them too. Thankfully, all the mean trolls Ive dealt with over the years, leaves me very thick skinned. They dont even blip my radar anymore. I actually like Allan and I can tell you that the cowardly comment about wrapping my clothes around a normal person would not have been from allan because allan backs up what he says with the use of his name. Its his allan wannabes that have to hide behind the anon option.

  12. Thanks for the post. It can be really hard putting your life together. I know that sober companion can make a big difference but, can be difficult to do on your own. Get help today.


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