Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eight glasses of water a myth

Have you heard the news that there is no need to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Seems that is junk science. Read this from Eureka Alert:

Other studies have tested water’s effects on the functioning of organs.
They indicate that water retention in the body is variable and depends on the
speed with which water is ingested—if it is gulped quickly, water is more likely
to be excreted, while if it is sipped slowly, it is retained in the body.
However, no studies have documented any sort of benefit to organs based on
increased water intake, regardless of speed.

Drs. Negoianu and Goldfarb also investigated the theory that drinking more water will make people feel full and
curb their appetite. Proponents say this may help people maintain their weight
and even help fight obesity. But studies remain inconclusive. No carefully
designed clinical trials have measured the effects of water intake on weight

Headaches also are often attributed to water deprivation, but
there are few data to back this up. Only one small trial has addressed the
question, and while trial participants who increased their water intake
experienced fewer headaches than those who did not, the results were not
statistically significant.

And this is what ABC News is reporting.

Neither are there many studies to say that guzzling water will prevent
headaches or flush toxins from your body.
"I always laugh when I hear that
one," says Stella Volpe, a nutritionist at the University of Pennyslvania School
of Nursing. "Your kidneys do that job." Volpe was not involved in today's study,
which is published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, an
organization of kidney specialists.
So why did these notions take hold?
Goldfarb says they found medical-advice sites on the Internet are full of
recommendations to drink extra water.
"It's required for life, and I guess
that's led people to think, well, if a normal amount is good, then extra might
be better," he said.

I've never been able to drink the recommended 8 glasses. I usually drink about 4 or 5and when Im not paying attention to my diet I dont drink any! I've always thought it was flawed science to say that only water counted when it came to the body! It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that isn't true. The body uses the water in the food we eat as well as the tea we drink. That's just common sense.

I do know that regardless of the studies I lose weight better when I drink water. So I suppose I will continue going down the middle of the road on my water consumption.


  1. I saw that study about the eight glasses of water in our local paper. Here I was feeling guilty because I wasn't drinking enough water, and it was all just a myth. I do try to drink more than normal because I'm breastfeeding, and I lose fluid that way.

  2. When I drink enough water I do not have headaches, am not foggy brained, and have more energy. I will stick with drinking my water.

  3. I drink a lot because I'm thirsty a lot. A few times I have kept track, and I usually get over a gallon of water per day.
    I do feel headachy if I don't get to drink enough.

    But I also agree that the body gets its liquid needs from food a lot of times. Fruit is very juicy, etc. And tea, coffee, and even soda are mostly water, just with stuff mixed in.

    That is interesting about the gulping vs. sipping. I tend to gulp.

  4. Hey Mrs. D I appreciate your coming over to my blog and reminding me to weigh in. I've still lost NOTHING this week so will see if somehow magically next Tuesday I weigh 20 pounds less or something. I mean, I could understand it if I were eating bunches of stuff but I'm not. :[

  5. You know I think ater ahs many benefits bu tI ownder how beneficial is the water we all have now...sewage thats been purified and all the acid rain and now they say that plastic cause cancer so what about the plastic water bottles? What about bacteria in them? Shoot. Where can a owman get some clean fresh water?

    Mrs C hope next week is better, but staying the same is better than a gain!

  6. I saw that report. I'm not sure I buy it! It makes sense to me that more liquids flush the system better. and also i know for a fact that I get headaches when I am dehydrated.
    I never have seen a correlation to weight loss with myself though., In fact it really has always seemed to me I lose better drinking less than normal.
    I suppose actually it could be like so many other things , differnet bodies respond differntly!


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