Friday, April 18, 2008

This makes me mad!

Yesterday afternoon I threw together several kinds of beans and simmered them all day. Then I added Italian stewed tomatoes and polish sausage and simmered that some more. The result was a wonderful pot of beans.
I ate half a cup for a hundred calories.

But then I ate half a cup more making it 200 calories.

Then I went out with girlfriends and had a cappaccino.

Then I came home and had a cookie.

Can somebody tell me why I sabotage myself like this?


  1. I just went to your other blog on cooking- I didn't know this was you- I spent a long time on the other blog one day about a month or two ago going through your life. It has a post from Aug 08 so you are messing with my mind!

    We all sabotage ourselves, just pick back up right here, right now. Your bean dish looks good. WE CAN DO THIS!!! I have been taking Dexatrim this week. I could not get past the all out battle to eat all the time. I hate to take it but just have to get past the desire for all the sugars and carbs. I hope in a couple of days I can stop taking them and be more in control.

    Your kitchen is to die for! It makes you want to bake and cook and pretend to be Paula Deen.

  2. southerner do you mean that when you read Cooking With Mrs Darling a month ago you didnt know it was me? Lol Did I understand that right?

    If you want to see blow up size pics of my kitchen you can click on the label "pics of my house" over on Dishpan Dribble. I love my kitchen. I designed it and hubby built it. It was my dream and I knew exactly how i wanted it by the time I finally got it 7 years ago.

    I've actually been thinking of taking some sort of herb myself to stave off hynger. I need it in the middle of my cycle. I get ravenous during that time for some reason. Im ready to research it and see if there is a link between hunger and ovulaton. I kid you not!

  3. Oh and that post from august 8 on that other blog is so that post stays on the top. I didnt know how else to do a sticky post. LOL

  4. You tell me and we'll both know..... I have been doing so good and right now I'm ravenous!!!! and I ate about two handfuls of peanutbutter M&M's of all things!!!!!

  5. Any way I can join your weight loss group? I was in another and that blog is now shut down. Let me know if I can!

  6. Self-sabotage is my biggest downfall. I will eat crap even when I'm not hungry, knowing full well in advance that I will feel terribly guilty about it the moment it is gone. Yet I still do it.

  7. could it be as simple as you were still hungry?

    or were you hating that you were doing it WHILE you were eating it?


  8. M if course I was still hungry! On 1200 calories Im always hungry. And yes, I hated myself while I was doing it. So for me it was both reasons. sigh


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