Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weigh In Week 10

Whew! What a week! At one point I was up 4 pounds from last weeks weigh in!!! I renewed my determination and this morning I weighed in and found I had lost a half a pound from last week! That was a very near save!

I'm not quite sure whats going on but I'm suspecting hormones are playing a part. You all know the awful weight gain that comes with the monthly cycle. Well I had two of those this month! So I suspect I'm fighting a hard uphill battle as a result of the dreaded word "menopause." And yet....

there are no excuses! I tell myself it doesn't matter one whit because if I was in famine ravaged Africa Id lose weight no matter how many times I cycled in a month!

Some excuses are actually reasons and yet even the reasons go away when put into the bright light of day and examined under the microscope of reality. The reality is that no one came out of the concentration camps fat! There calories were so reduced that they lost weight! It didn't matter if they had been dubbed insulin resistant, menopausal, lo thyroid, whatever! They all lost weight! The same thing is true of the parts of the world in famine, so there fly all our excuses.

If you eat right you will lose; maybe not every single day or week but the trend will be downward every month. So there now you have the inside look at the peptalk I give myself!!

This is a long and hard journey and excuses will only hinder me. I need to throw them away and get real. The road ahead will be hard enough without carrying the baggage of excuses.

Now I know Ive said a lot this week about how hard this is. Look for an upcoming post at how fun this is, because really folks it is fun. I've gone from a size 2x to an XL. Now that's fun!

Okay, weigh in!

Sulli) - 12
Val)- 5
Annette) -3
Mrs.C) -3
Nikki) -3
Darcie) - 2
Rachelle) - 1.5
Marbel) - 1
Vanessa) -1
Mrs. Darling) - .5
Brandi) 0
Mary) + 1
fierybydesign) + 5


  1. This week I literally worked my behind off...(well maybe not literally, its still there in full force) I logged in 76 hours in 6 days... I worked most of those not at the restaurant (where I feel a good cook, tastes what she is serving ;) )I lost an incredible amount of weight... 12 pounds. That was my reward for all those days I was too tired to eat anything, for all my muscle aches and pains. I would normally disagree with you when you say this could be fun... but when I noticed my pants were a little less tight, and put off stepping on the scale until today... It made weighing in sooo much fun!

  2. I definitely understand what you mean about the monthly cycle weight gain. A few days ago I was five pounds heavier. I worked hard and broke even. It's frustrating! Last Wednesday I was down a pound from Tuesday. Today I weighed the same as last Tuesday. I'm still feeling bloated and swollen, so maybe next week will have better numbers.

    Zero loss for Brandi.


    Wow, you must feel like you're walking on clouds!

  3. sulli thats unbelievable! So what did you do? Did you work out? What did you eat?

  4. mrs. darling... I just went to work. I started at 6 or 7 in the morning and didnt stop until 10:30 at night. I work in a very large nursing home and walk/run my whole time there. There isnt time to eat lunch or whatever there. At the restaraunt I was constantly eating.. So it was a huge change in my diet... WAY less food than I was consuming. And instead of just standing at my station at the restaurant...I was on the move constantly at the nursing home. I swear I walk 1/4 of a mile just to punch in there. lots of stairs to and from breakroom, time clock and parking lot. But it made me aware of how poorly I was eating before and how lazy I was becoming. hopefully I can continue to lose weight, maybe not 12 pounds a week, but as long as it is steady...
    right now I do feel like I am walking on clouds, but I am smart enough to realize that it wont always be this way. And I know that it is not healthy to lose weight like this all the time, but once in a while its gotta be good. I am slowing down now with work. Just one job for me... but maybe I have learned that I can not eat anything I want whenever I want... and maybe I can continue to lose weight. I sure feels good to say less than 100 pounds til my goal!

  5. I'm back down to my lowest point - 14 less than my start weight, so I don't know of you count that a 'loss' or not. I just un-gained. :-)

    I sure appreciate the encouragement here; my own mind doesn't give me any.

  6. Well as always my TOM puts me up five pounds so I'm at 16 lbs lost and 139 to go. :( Thankfully I don't go by just the scale. I watch for non-scale reminders of my successes too. Like going down sizes in jeans or rings that are too loose. So I know I'm heading the right way! And that deserves a :)!

  7. Put me down for a three pound weight loss. There's the one bright spot of having had the stomach flu.

  8. I am down two pounds this week. I have had a busy work week, no time to eat junk!

  9. I also played the hormone game, ugh. I never relized how much it affects my weight since I never paid attention to both like this. I noticed it too. End result is Im down 1 pd but if my hormones are playing with me as they have been that may be a whole nother story in a couple of days,possibly a week.
    Sulli, way to go.

  10. Wow these are great numbers this week. Fiery by design, hang in there. Water weight will disappear even though it seems like it wont!

  11. -3. Sorry, couldn't get to the scale downstairs yesterday.

  12. Mrs D, Thanks for visiting my blog. You are a blessing. I don't mind if my weekly total stays "0" but can you change my total in the sidebar? I know I'm down 14 lbs total, so I don't like to see the same old 12.5.

    I know it's a lot of work to keep up with all the info and we sure appreciate it.

  13. Darn, I'm up 1 pound. I've worked really hard this week. I'm starting too journal my food, so we'll see what results that brings. The exercise part comes easy, because I enjoy it (sickening, I know!). But then I justify the extra little snack because "I've worked out hard today".

  14. I'd forgotten to check in. I know I'm late but if I don't start now... I won't. 1 pound lost, 19 to go.

  15. So sorry mamaolive!!! You deserve credit for eveyr pound. Ill change it immediately!

  16. Well, um, I'm late to check in. But I've lost 70 lbs in the past 18or so months. Since I only weigh at the Dr it has been a great adventure from month to month. I keep thinking that if I did the least little bit bit of exercise there's no telling how much I'd have lost by now!

  17. Cathy you could join. The weight loss from Jnauary of 08 counts over there on the sidebar. Come weigh in on Thursday and join us. New people start almost every week.

    And congrats on that weight loss! Mabye joining here will help you speed things up! :)


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