Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Changing the mind

I think this has been the hardest week Ive had on my diet since January when I began! I haven't been eating the wrong foods but my mind is just not where it belongs. I had that epiphany the other day about just how long a struggle I have and it sort of threw me. I feel like I'm adjusting once again. I do know that I darent let down my guard for a minute or the weight will come piling back on.

The last two days I have gone heavy on the raw veggies and the fruit. As a result I feel bloated. I'm usually not a raw fruit and vegetable eater. One thing that has come of dieting for all these weeks is that I no longer think chips when I want to relax.

Instead I think Triscuits or veggies dipped in hummus. I realized the change had taken place today when I was out and about. I was so hungry and the only thing I could think of was the crispy crunch of sugar peas with a touch of cold hummus. It was while I was savoring every taste of the peas and every garlicy bite of the mashed garbanzo beans that it hit me that not once had I even thought of taking care of this hunger with cookies or ice cream or chips! It was an eye opener to me.

Even though I consider this a hard week mentally, my mind is in a better place then I think it is.

Today I had fruit, laughing cow cheese, veggies, hummus and popcorn. I ate on that all day. At dinner I had half a toasted bun with three tablespoons of good old homemade sausage gravy on it. The warmth and solidness of the food comforted my soul.

I do think tomorrow I'm going to go heavier on the protein. I just get too hungry when I eat fruit and veggies. I crave the solidness of lean meats.

I don't know yet where this week will lead me weight wise but I do know that mentally I have crossed some challenging hurdles...with still more to cross in the near future.

Changing a lifestyle is a hard thing!


  1. I know where your thoughts have gone! I have them and am holding them for ransome. I have not been even trying the last two weeks with parties and husband gone. I am ready to get back on track and try to begin my four thousand and third first day of exercising. You have done so well and adding exercise will give you something else to mentally think upon and plan. Don't be discouraged!

  2. UGGG this has been a hard week for me too. I feel like it is always in the back of my mind...which is a good thing, but I just have had a hard time this week making smart choices. I have noticed alot of the time I make healthy choices but then I eat enirely way too much of my "healthy choices" HMMM something I am going to need to work on. I am only down 1.5 pounds and with the extra long weigh in week I feel like I should be down at least 4. It is so life consuming to diet, but it's better than the alternative. I do not think of myself as an overwight person because I have never been before. Now 2 kids later I have to accept that I am overweight and need to do something about it.


  3. Look at all you have accomplished since you started. YOu have spurred several of us along, thank you.
    It is tuff and not always fun. I found that I stray a bit here and there too. I hope to keep at it thoug. It's hard to do when my scale laughs at me saying things like "ha ha got you, you didn't loose that weight".
    Hummus huh?? i Honestly haven't tried it so what is a good one to try?

  4. The hummus with garlic and olive oil! It cant be beat!

    Some people say the taste has to grow on you but I loved it from the first time I tried it several years ago.


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