Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weigh In Week 14

Well, rats and bummers I stayed the same. I think I can officially say that I am on a plateau. This is the first major stall I've hit in my weight loss. Sure I lost 3 pounds in the two weeks before this but that was just losing what I gained over Memorial Day weekend. It guess I better prepare to break this plateau this week. I plan to do it with strict adherence to the diet and to double up on my water.

Are you surprised I didnt say exercise? Okay I dont know the science behind this or if there even is a science behind it but I do know my body. If I double my exercise I will not break a plateau. Instead I would mostly like gain weight. My body does that when I first shake up the way Ive been exercising. I need to add more to my routine but it's not the time when Im trying to break through this wall. That's just how my old body works.

Okay so how did you do?

Southerner) -4
Val) -4
Aunt B.) -3
Darcie) -3
Mrs C) -3
Sulli) -1
Sabine) -.5
Alltheveas) 0
Mrs Darling) 0
Rachelle) 0
Brandi) +2
Marbel) + 2


  1. I lost 4 lbs. Yesterday it was 5 but I guess some water came back through the night- I'll take 4! I am so excited and happy to finally see some progress. I have been eating better and fitting more work into my routine. As I get into a routine of summer I hope to begin exercising. Hope all of you had a great week.

  2. I don't find cardio makes me gain but if i'm working hard on weights it does. So far the scale is going down slowly this week ;)

  3. I gained 2lbs. They should drop off next week. I'm hoping some more lbs. will tag along when that happens.

  4. Ive lost one pound this week. Im happy with the loss as all Ive been wanting to eat is grease and salt... and chocolate... Ill do better next week. I hope.

  5. May I join you all? I am trying to lose 30 pounds, very slowly, by eating as if I'm already down to my goal weight. Although I've struggled with my weight for almost 40 years, maintenance has been my major problem, so I'm going directly to it this time... lol. I am down .5 (1/2 pound) so far.

    Mrs. Darling, I also gain weight at first when I increase my exercise. My theory is that my body is rushing fluid to the areas it is trying to repair from the exercise. If you injure any part of your body, you will experience swelling.

    I'm not an expert on this but I do know that when you are weight training, you need to take at least a day off between working the same parts of your body. This is so that your body can repair the muscle tears and make you stronger.

    I hope you get through your plateau soon. They can be so frustrating.

  6. Of course you can join sabine. I'll put you down and welcome to the board.

  7. Ok, still the same! Can't seem to budge, but at least it's been holding pretty steady without those wild swings it was doing.

  8. Ugh, gained back 2! So back to having 18 to go.

  9. I am down three pounds. Due to the fact that I worked a ton of overtime last week, no time to be naughty on my diet.

  10. I gained 1 this week. :-(
    Needing to get serious.

  11. I lost 3 lbs. this week. My goal is to lose 50 lbs. I have 47lbs. to go.

    Aunt B

  12. I would not worry too much about it. Our bodies do not follow lines or graphs and will puff up or "slim down" depending on things like depression, elation, illness, natural cycles and all the normal hormonal stuff boys and girls go through (including being in love).

    A fluctuation of more than 6 pounds over a month is not unheard of. Sometimes our bodies hang on to more water and sometimes they let it go.

    The fact that you have achieved stability is a good thing because this gives you a baseline to work from.

    Add to the mix three minuets of some activity and in time (our best friend) the increase int he amount of unhealthy fat shed gets better.

    Try plotting the average result by month on a chart to get a view of the "bigger picture". You should find it encouraging.

  13. Great comment by Matt.

    I'm stuck at the same number! No loss or gain to record.

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