Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To the point

Struggling! Hungry all the time and I mean hungry! Must find a solution. Been exercising more and working outside in the gardens all day. The hunger is driving me insane. Not sure how to combat the appetite. Floundering.


  1. Maybe increase the calories a bit to adjust for your increased activity? It's better to continue to lose slowly than to fall off the wagon altogether. I think I read that you were eating 1200 calories a day. That is very low. Also, if you increase the calories you might be able to bust through the plateau. Some have been successful at getting through a plateau by "confusing" the body by alternating higher and lower calorie days.

    Anyway, I understand how hard it is and hope that you'll find a solution.

  2. I'm right there with you most days. I look at the scale and go, there's nothing else I can cut out, and I'm hungry and not losing. I hear ya!! I have about 50 pounds to go, so we're pretty well diet twins.

  3. I agree with Sabine. I've head the same thing about tricking your body. Keep going. You can do this!
    Jenn :-)

  4. I am back from vacation. Now I'm trying to catch up on well everything and trying to get rid of all that sand, snicker.

    Anyhow, Mrs D. what if you did hit a plateau??? What about changing everything all together, you know keep your body guessing. Eat differently and try a different form of excercise? That's what I think I will try.
    I weighed myself for the 1st time since vacation this morning and I gained 3 pds but it is also that time of the month so it will probably go down(praying it will still do that).
    Oh and sulli I still have your gift. I didn't get your addy before going on vacation so if you send me an email I will ship it out asap.



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