Monday, July 7, 2008

Mr Linky for food diary

Okay, so some of you would like to post your daily menus here so we can see what everyone is eating. If you are interested in that use the Mr. Linky below. I will be posting mine here, of course. The hope is that this will keep us more aware of what we are eating. When You leave your link below I suggest that you leave the link to that particular post not your entire blog, that way we can easily see what it is your dining on that very day!
Have fun with this.

Here is what I have for Junes weight loss.
Melissa - 10
Darcie - 7
Southerner - 6.5
fierybydesign - 6
Sulli -6
Val - 5
Mrs Darling -3
Mrs. C -3
Aunt B -3
Sabine - 1.5
Nikki - 1
Brandi 0
Rachelle 0
Marbel 0
Vanessa + 1
Mamaolive + 3.5

Fierybydesign, Im still confused about your weight loss. I have a gain of 6 pounds for you the first week, then a -5 then a -1 which would be 0. Is that correct? Or is there something Im missing? That week you are listed as having lost 5 pounds Im thinking you may have lost 10 for the two weeks and it's only listed as 5 in the entry because it was five for the week. I dont know. Please clear this up for me.

Melissa I need your totals too since you were posting in the wrong entries. LOl

We'll have to wait a bit to declare a winner .
Everyone else check your totals too. Thanks.


  1. Mine is correct. :o)

  2. I think I confused you last week by posting my monthly total instead of that week. I gained 3.5 lbs in June. :-(

  3. Sorry about that mamaolive. Ill change it. Hopefully this month will be better! :)

  4. Hey Mrs. Darling! I'm just as confused as you are about my totals. LOL This was a crazy month of ups and downs. I went and checked my calendar and on June 2nd I weighed at 262.2 and on June 30th I weighed 256.2. So that is 6 lbs lost for the month no matter what the ups and downs tallied up to. *smile* Hope that clears it up. And I'm thrilled to see I lost six pounds!

    Take care!

  5. For heavens sake is Melissa and fierybydesign the same person? Now that the weight is straightened out I need the names straightened out. lol! Have we got two Melissas? Oh mercy my head is going to swim!

  6. Okay I went back and clicked on both names and thankfully there are two melissas. I thought I was going crazy! LOL

  7. LOL The Melissas are taking over!! LOL

  8. Do I need to change my name to Melissa to have commenting priviledges? ;)

    I hate sharing what I eat. I know I do not eat the most healthy choices and would not take criticism well, but have fun with it.

  9. Do you want us to post menus daily or weekly? I could put "day 1" or "day 2"

    Melissa- I hate that you are scared of us being mean. Honestly, I know how some things can come across without facial expressions, so totally understand. We do all need to watch what is posted. I have a hard time getting in fruits and veggies and hope to see it and focus on that. Hope that you will feel more comfortable as time goes on, we are all making changes- sometimes slowly- so we are rooting for you to be able to gain control of your diet.

  10. In one of my magazines Jillian from THE BIGGEST LOSER has an article. She says to go check your Basic Metabolic Rate. If you are inactive multiply that by 1.1, up and down during the day x1.2, exercising x 1.3, it says, "a lumberjack" x 1.4. That gives your your active BMR. Google BMR for an online calculator. It shows you how many calories your body uses a day at rest. Then, do the above calculation for your calories used in your day.

    I also found a calculator that shows cals burned per your weight on different activities like walking, general housework, weight training, etc. I then made up an exercise plan. I figured out if I eat a certain amount of cals a day and then do the exercises on my plan how much I should lose each week. Really cool for me to see how important each and every workout and extra calorie I eat are. It is just a way for me to see what it takes to get results and how long it should take if I can stay on plan and really get going.

  11. Okay I guess I missed something. Where did Melissa post her fears? We need to take into account peoples feelings. Nobody has to post their menu unless they want to. Southerner I will post a linky daily and hopefully others will get on board. Im going to make a new blog for my food log so I will be putting my name into Mr Linky too.

  12. I am a Melissa too so yes you have a few of us, but you can never have too many Here are my results for June and so far this month:
    week 1(6/4)= -3.6lbs
    week 2(6/11)= -2lbs
    week 3(6/18)= -3.2lbs
    week4(6/25)= -1.4lbs
    week 1(7/2)= -3lbs
    week 2(7/9)= -1.6lbs

    I usually go to my weigh ins on Wednesdays. So far I am down 57.4lbs. Not really sure where I am suppose to post or send my results so I may have been posting in the wrong place so just let me know where I should post them.

    : )Congrats everyone!!

  13. Okay great. Even though you weigh on Wednesday just report Wednesdays weight on my Thursdays posts. That way its right there when I figure it up.

    That makes you the winner of June! Congrats.

    By the way to keep things easy when I figure this I round to the nearest half pound.


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