Saturday, July 5, 2008


Walked 4 miles on the 4th.

Had a waffle for breakfast.

No lunch.

Lived on Kettle Corn all afternoon.

Had a snack in the evening provided by the motel.

Gained weight.
Refuse to weigh to find out how much but I know I did.

Today, the 5th, I had for breakfast
1 very small blueberry muffin
sugar free yogurt
cottage cheese

For lunch I ate a buffet. Didn't eat much but I did have about half a cup of icecream and small piece of cake for desert.

No 4th of July BBQ loaded with potato salad. No wonderful grilled sausages at 300 calories a pop. No grilled hamburgers at 500 calories a burger with fixins. None of that.

No supper tonight.

Nothing to eat since 1 pm at the buffet.

Drinking only water.

And yet....

I know my body well. I'm sure I gained weight. I feel fat.


  1. Go check the scale; you may be surprised. Anyway, the best weight loss motivator is joy. :-)

    I added up the losses for June (not easy to do, as several of us don't post every week) and the way I figure it, Fierybydesign is the winner. What do you have?

  2. That is really good that you walked 4 miles! From what you posted you are eating stuff then not eating. You are throwing your body out of whack big time. Feed it what is good even when you mess up with bad so that it has something to keep it in balance. If you eat sugar, add some protein and let the simple carbs be what you don't eat at the next meal. How do I know??? I am the fat sister that does the same thing. You do feel better if you don't skip meals and try to fuel your body with something so you aren't taking such a sugar hit. You are doing so good to be moving your body and are focused on what you are eating. Do you think if we all posted our what we ate it would hold us more accountable? Do you know how to do a Mr Linky thing? Also post our exercise. I don't want to add more work to you so may not be easily done. I just want each person to be successful.

  3. I believe what Southerner says is true. Starving yourself messes up the metabolism. And, fwiw, if I load up on popcorn, that always "puffs me up" for a day or so. Water weight, bloat. Good on you for the long walk!

    Next time you're at Costco look for the low-fat sausages. I don't remember the brand name. No nitrites and much less fat than the usual stuff. Very tasty too!

  4. mamolive yes it is hard to figure out the monthly winners. It would be easiest if everyone just told me their monthly loss as each of us knows our own anyway.

    southerner that linky idea is a good thing. Yes, I know how to do it and we could do that. I'll get it set up later on today. Right now I popped in here when Im suppose to be getting ready for church! :)

    Marbel everyone says popcorn is a good food to eat in bulk to feel full. Well not for me. No matter how fat free or salt free it always makes me feel fat!!


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