Saturday, July 26, 2008

Date Night Cheat

I went to Olive Garden with my husband for a little date night. I tried to be good. I ordered a dish with the olive branch beside it that they say means its a healthier option then the others. It was pasta in a tomato base with shrimp and mushrooms. I didn't eat the whole thing either! I brought about 1/3 of it home. But I wasn't all entirely good. I ate three stupid bread sticks. But hey, I turned down the lovely ice cream shake with berries that I badly wanted in favor of a diet coke and I didn't order the high fat white sauce dishes that I also love!

And no, I didn't have desert either.

But yes, I still gained 2 pounds! I know its impossible to have gained 2 pounds of fat and I know it will be off quickly but still....cant a girl eat a little without a gain? Apparently not!


  1. hate it when that happens! You need a night off now and then. Changing your eating for the better has to be a lifetime change and if you can't have a "tiny" break now and then, it will be hard to maintain the healthy eating for the long term. I think you did great....I would have been so tempted by cheesecake!

  2. I think you made great choices! I too am up this week but hey it's over and we'll kick it this week ;)
    Just think how different you ordered this time compared to a year ago! These things add up but boy, sometimes it's sooooo slow.

  3. waterwaterwater weight!

    and just think, as the astute SS already said above me (dang you for stealing my thought! :)) THIS IS SUCH A VICTORY GIVEN WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE DONE BEFORE YOU CHANGED YOUR PATH!!


  4. I totally agree with the last comment. I have started celebrating the life style changes as much as what the scale says. Plus, as my sweet husband tries to tell me, it is a weekly average that should be looked at not the daily ups and downs. I truly wish my state of well being did not depend upon the numbers on a scale. It baffles me. This week I am down 2.2 pounds. Last week I was up .2. I need to look at the big picture and see how I am making good changes. I bet you will see the scale go back down this week yet. It's a long way to Thursday.

  5. Hello! I am new to reading your blogs! You are doing great! 30 pounds is no easy task. I love sweets. I just had to lose the baby weight from my first child (gained 65 pounds) and now I find myself 25 pounds over weight again 2 months after having my second baby. But i am breastfeeding right now so not trying to diet just yet, just exercise. You know what I found that really worked? That weight control oatmeal from Quakers for breakfast everyday with a small quirt of fat free whipped cream on top to settle my sweet tooth. I would also eat that for a snack on days I was desperate for something sweet. I think it does have splenda but it is really good. I am in Poland but may have my mom may have to send me some of that! :) I also ate a spinach salad everday with walnuts, cranberries, a slice of luncheon meat, and whatever diced fruit I had in the house for lunch.
    That is another thing I can't get here, fresh spinach... I am going to have to figure out a whole new diet. :( I will try to join your blog roll whenver we end breastfeeding, but that may be another year away! You probably will be at your goal by then!
    Hugs to you!

  6. Restaurants are tough, I've just covered this on my blog and will do so again.

    Do what works for you, and that can be something different next time you go out.

    Good luck!!


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