Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weigh In Week 19

Another week another pound! Hopefully! Well it appears I have broken through the sound barrier! I lost 3 pounds this week! All 3 pounds are pounds I haven't seen in years! Hopefully that 8 week long plateau is over. I hope I don't hit another one of that intensity!

So how did you all do?
Melissa) -3
Mrs darling) - 3
mamaolive) -2.5
Darcie) - 0
Ishkula) - 0
Vanessa) 0
Southerner) 0?
Val) 0
Brandi) + 1
Nikki) + 1


  1. Whoohooo way to go Mrs. D.

    Me I'm still the same. I have gotten quite lax about it since vacation and well that was some time ago now so it's time to buck up and Oh whaever you do after that. lol.

  2. Great break-through Mrs. Darling!

    I gained a pound, but I have lost some inches. Perhaps I am exchanging muscle for fat. My clothes fit a little better. I just wish I could lose more fat. lol

  3. wow great job....any week that I lose over 2, I just wanna shout it from the roof tops because it just seems to good to be true!

  4. Yea Mrs D (and all you other losers)!
    I am down 2.5 for a total of 21.5.
    WooHoo, I think I've really beat the 20lb mark this time!

  5. I am so happy for your loss! Finally, huh? My scales still say err7 and I put in the only other 9volt battery that I had and it is doing the same. I leave this weekend for the cruise so will not weigh in next week. Hopefully I can get the scales figured out after that, right now I am having trouble caring.

  6. Hi Mrs. Darling,

    Thank you for praying for Cole and his sister! I don't usually post prayer requests for people I don't even know but this one just touched my heart and I felt I just had to do it. What fiery trials his family is going through!

    I've been thinking about whether I really fit in here, with the weight loss plan I am on and I really don't think so. I'm on 'maintenance' for life now as far as I'm concerned. I've figured out how many calories I will need to live on when I'm at my goal weight and have been sticking to that (I've gone over a couple of times, but no binges). My losses are miniscule but it's working (I average out my weights for each week). There is nothing I really need a group for. This is just the way I'll have to live for the rest of my life. So, go ahead and take my name off the sidebar. I will still drop in and see how you're doing. I'm impressed with your determination. I'm happy for you, that you've finally broken through that plateau!

  7. Okay sabine. Good luck on your diet and we'll miss you!

  8. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. You persevered and now are being rewarded. :-) Have a nice weekend, friend.

  9. Congratulations Mrs D!!!

    After eating out this weekend (oh the salt!) I am happily back to last weeks weight! So technically a zero, but much better than the +5 Monday morning LOL

  10. Yikes + 5! Yeah that salt will do awful things!!!!

  11. No change but I haven't been trying. Motivation has been a problem. A family reunion (one motivation) has passed. I survived, fat intact.

    So, looking for new motivation. The lure of better health, looks, and increased energy don't seem to be enough to get me going.

  12. Oh Marbel I so hear ya. I cant count the things that I survived with my fat intact. LOl This weight loss thing takes so much time and effort and sometimes our minds are just not in the right place for it. Hang in there. Some day the scale will move and when it does just make sure it moves down. :)

  13. hello! my apologies for not checking in earlier, I haven't been at a computer.. :o
    on weigh in day though, I was down 1 pound! :)


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