Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gaining ground

..or is it losing ground? I feel that if I can get past this week I will be on a roll again. Next week school starts and the babysitting I am doing is coming to an end. It will just be me and my 11 year old daughter who is home schooled here all day long.

I'm going to add in more exercise and go back to keeping a record of what I eat. Right now my days are so full its just all I can do to not gain any weight. I do feel good about this summer though. I feel like Ive set a new normal for my body by staying at this weight (give or take a few pounds). I no longer have a fear that if I eat one wrong thing I will immediately weigh 252 again. I know more how to adjust the rest of my diet for those bad times when I eat wrong.

So I see good things ahead. I hope you all are doing good this week! Weigh in is tomorrow so I'll see you there.

And new me thank you for your offer of help in the comments below. Support makes all the difference on this journey.


  1. It is nice to get back into a routine. I feel so lost when my day isn't "normal." I think women in particular thrive on a routine. Good luck with the weigh in and congrats on maintaining...that, in itself, is HUGE!

  2. Not playing yo-yo with your weight makes such a big difference. I commend you on adding more to your day to help you in this journey.I wonder if I can do that, more like I need to do that. Hmmm food for thought.You are motivating me yet again.


  3. I have been watching my diet closer this week, but I'm nervous about weigh-in tomorrow. Our house is warm and my hands are swollen and the rest of me feels bloated. I think I'll go drink a lot of water before turning in for the night.

    I'm glad you're feeling better about yourself!

  4. Hi, posting now because I might not get another chance today!

    I'm down a total of 39.



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