Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weigh In Week 24

Another week, another weigh in.

I lost 1 pound this week. Ever Onward! Ever Downward! Thats my goal! So how did you all do?

Marbel) - 4
Mrs C) - 2
New Me) - 2
Brandi) - 1
Mrs darling) - 1
Vanessa) 0
Melissa) + 1
Rachelle) + 2

Tomorrows post will answer Vanessa in what I am doing to lose weight. Hang on Vanessa! We love you!


  1. I am soo depreseed, Can I start the whole week over?? Appearntly my scale was off .I knew it but really thought I had checked so when I figured it out I was not happy. Well I can't go backwards so it's onward (sound familiar? smile).
    So last week I posted I was 150 but was actualy back up to 160.This weeek I am back on my yo-yo and end up at 156. So I'm not even sure how that works out but essentially I think I have gained a pound or two. Not sure.
    Uggh, someone join me in a uggh?? lol.
    I'm so happy for you guys. Keep up the good work and please please share your secret.

  2. Good job, ladies!

    Vanessa, I think I'm confused for you, now.

    I'm down 1 pound this week. It's better than going up!

  3. Vanesssa my head is in a whirl LOl Okay lets do it this way. The sidebar says you have a 16 pound loss. What is your real total loss and I will record the difference as this weeks gain or loss.

  4. 1.2lb gain...yes another gain. Not sure how it happened since I didn't cheat at all. However I did start my period last night and I have had several diet sodas this week so I imagine I am retaining some water. So gonna take a water pill and avoid any salt (not that I like it anyway) and cut out the soda as well.

  5. I am up 0.5 lbs from last week. Grrr. Well, it's better than last time we were away for a weekend, and this trip was longer. I'm looking forward to more exercise this month. Hopefully the results will show up soon.

  6. Actually thats good for a vacation! Im proud of you!

  7. omg....I just noticed my name on the list! I forgot I joined and don't even know when I did........mommy brain. I also do HYC so maybe that's why I got confused. My loss since January (but I actually started April 25 2008) is 55 lbs. I lost 2 lbs this week. Sorry!

  8. OKay I starte with 167 I wanted to drop a total of 37 pds. I had been yo-yo ing with 155 and 157 for gosh at least 2 months now. In the morning I weighed 156 so I would say no loss. Sorry I confused you guys. I just didn't want to put 156 and you think it was a gain when last week my scale was off and I weighed in at 150 when it was actually 160. That means I actually gained that week. Did that make more sense. Even I'm confused. So before the confusion I know I was between 155 and 157 and seeing as how I weighed in at 156
    I would go with -0.


  9. So after gaining last week I dropped 4 bringing me to 20 left to lose. Which is still higher than when I started!

  10. Okay got it Vanessa!

    Way to go Marbel!


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