Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weigh In Week 22

Okay here's the truth in black and white. I gained 6 pounds. I hope that never happens again in this entire weight loss journey! I could make excuses and tell you about all the water I am retaining and how I have my monthly once again and how I really didnt eat that much at the lake and how if I let myself go I know for a fact I could weigh 500 pounds within 6 months but I wont tell you any of that because the fact remains that if I were in a concentration camp I would be skin and bones like everyone else so that leads me to acknowledge that I gained 6 pounds and there is no excuse! So there! Hows that for one big long run on sentence!

Now down to business. I need you all to put down your 2 week weight loss even if you reported last week while I was gone. It's too much work to go back and try to figure it all out myself. Thanks. Okay I'll start out!

Darcy) - 4
Mamaolive) -3
Brandi) -1
Mrs darling) + 6


  1. I love your long insightful run on sentence.

    no excuses.

    moving FORWARD.

    today is a NEW DAY, Woman!


  2. Vacation ruins ALL diets. I am finally just getting back on track and have been back from vacation for over a month. Talk about excuses did you see all those??? (smile). I was all ready to be depressed again because a couple of days ago I weighed in at 157, again. Ugh.
    Around 11 am I thought ok weigh in before it's too late and get on with it. I can't believe what I saw. I am still in shock.I came in at 150. I can't even remember that the last time I saw that. This means that I lost 5 pounds in that two weeks but I hope it means I won't be doing the yo-yo dance with 155 and 157 that I was doing for weeks on end.

  3. Wow vanessa, you must be doing something right!

  4. Oh vacations are so tough on diets. Those pounds will melt off in no time. As for me, I was slacking off so I was determined to get back on track, I must have done something right. I lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks. I am about 6 pounds away from my goal!!!

  5. Well, my 2 week total *would have been* 6 lbs, but I gained THREE pounds yesterday (!!!) so my total loss is 3.
    That puts me at 23.5lbs down from my 'original' weight and 66.5 to go. As long as it keeps going down, I'm okay with that.

  6. Subtract 1 for me. Hopefully, all the cake and birthday celebrations won't ruin my efforts this month.

  7. the good news is you are back on track instead of adding another 6 and that is to be commended :)

  8. Oh, Mrs. Darling! I feel your pain. The only reason I lost weight this past week was due to illness. I would not wish it on anyone,but it did have its benefits of getting me past a stagnation place. Now I need to maintain!

  9. While I'm not exactly dropping out, I just haven't unpacked the scale yet. Ugg, it is really weighing on me that we've been in the house for a few weeks and it isn't completely unpacked. I'm certain that I'm gaining from the stress eating, but I will keep you posted when I get to the scale. Incidently, the military packed out belongings, so nothing is in the correct boxes and I'm going crazy. I would have liked to have found a box marked "bathroom" and pull out the scale.


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