Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today at church four people complimented me on my weight loss. All three said how good I looked. One said I looked pretty. I like that better than "you look good". Ya know what I mean?

Each time someone said something I wanted to say, "Thanks but Ive just gained 6 pounds." Now why on earth was that on the tip of my tongue? Why do I feel like I have to say those things.

Well I didn't say it this time I just thought it.

Just because I gained 6 pounds in one week doesnt mean that I look like I did 37 pounds ago. I'll just take the compliment, thank them, and shut up! Then I will use it to motivate me to go the entire journey, because you know when people compliment you it really is a great motivator!

So now it's on to healthy eating and getting this weight off. I can do it. Im motivated!


  1. I am glad you find it motivating when people say something. It always makes me feel uncomfortable. Makes me feel like they thought I was just plain horrible before! (lol)

  2. Well I guess one could look at it like that but you know what? I never thought of it. Now I probably will. lol

  3. I honestly think people are just being nice to me when they say that stuff. I guess I wouldnt want to hear "when are you due?" .
    That is so horrible, it's a moment of embarissment for you and for them when they realise you aren't due.
    You can do it. Get back on track.I think we all have faith in you.

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  5. Why do you think that Vanessa? See thats what happens with overweight people. They get this stigma about themselves and they believe they dont look good. When I compliment someone I only do it if I mean it. I expect that from other people. One lady that told me I looked pretty was headed out the church door and stopped and waited for me while I was talking to someone else and then just quickly said, " I just had to tell you how pretty you look today. You're looking really good." Then out the door she went. It wasnt something she had to say. She went out of her way to say it. So since she said it I believe it! LOl

  6. That sounds like great motivation to me!

  7. Why would they compliment you otherwise, if they didn't really mean it? Most people know they would have nothing to gain from you that way Mrs.Darling;) You ARE looking great. You may notice every little pound either way, but most of them (women anyways) know that it takes a lot of work to get where you are. And they know how nice it is when someone notices.

  8. That must have been a great boost! I hope you keep getting more of them.

    I do have a correction for the sidebar. My total lost should now be 12 and I have 78lbs. to go.

  9. That I would have to have believed as well, What a sweet person. Someone give that lady a pat on the back.

  10. Hey, I've gained and lost and etc.

    Right now I've lost 37 to 40, but better put me down as 37 because that's all that's really gone if you know what I mean.

    I think we're weight loss twins or something.


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