Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weigh In Week 23

Okay ladies here we are! Time to weigh in. I am happy to report I am down 3 pounds. Next week I hope to be back where I was before leaving for the lake. And to think I had just reached new territory the week before going. Actually this mornings weigh in puts me at 218 exactly where I have sat since the third week of May! Do you recall I had just lost down to 215 in July before leaving? Now I'm back at 218! Will I plateau? I don't think so. The scale seems to want to move down. I can tell those things LOl! Anyway I'm happy. I haven't updated the sidebar from last week so I'll get at that! Okay now weigh in!

Melissa) -5
Mrs darling) - 3
Darcy) - 2
mamaolive) - .5
Vanessa) 0
Southerner) 0
New Me) 0
Brandi) + 2
Marbel) + 5


  1. Way to go Mrs. D. Did you mean to put 315 and 318 on your post?? I think it's supposed to be 215 and 218. Keep going you can get past this plateau!!
    I was really excited last week. So I started to weigh more often and seemed to go down to 145...I was so elated and at the same time waiting for someone to jump out of the closet and yell "April Fools". It seemed to stay consistently around that number for a few days and I was surprised. I even got off the scale and back on 3 times to make sure I was reading it right and the scale was calabrated correctly.
    So this morning I weighed in at 150 again, that's okay (I also started my period so I guess that explains it?)The end result of all of that is that I stayed the same.


  2. Great job! I still do not have working scales so did not weigh last week or this week.

  3. Good job!

    I gained 2 pounds this week. Between the time of month and birthdays, it was bound to happen. Three of our children, two nieces, and my grandma have birthdays this month. Our anniversary and a bil's anniversary are this month as well.

    I always bake a cake for each child's special day and then we also have cake at their joint birthday parties. We hosted (at a park shelter) a five way birthday party Monday and came home with parts of four cakes! Tomorrow and Saturday I have to make cakes and Jon has to take dessert to a meeting tonight. I really hope he doesn't bring any home!

  4. Amazing!!! 3 pounds......double woo-hoo! I didn't lose this week :( but I didn't gain so keeping my smile anyway ;). Hope to see some loss next week though!

  5. I lost a whopping 0.5lbs this week. And we are planning a weekend getaway again. But I don't have to overeat just because I'm in the car! I think I will break the 25lb barrier for good this week.

    (total loss is 24 lbs)

  6. I'm just gonna combine the last few weeks to catch me up. Total lost 5.2lbs equaling a total of 65.4lbs. So we will just round me to a total loss of 65.5lbs, putting me 34.5lbs from my goal. I actually had a small gain this week my first ever, thank goodness for my big loss from my prior weigh in. : )

  7. Thanks Melissa for giving me all your numbers. That makes it so much easier for me!

    Way to go all you losers!

  8. Well here is a late weigh-in. I am up 5 leaving me 24 to go. I am hoping this is a weird weight fluctuation and will disappear quickly. It appeared within 2 days after I learned I need to take a medical exam to renew my life insurance and was (at that time) only 3 pounds below the upper limit for getting a good premium rate. Now I am 2 above it!


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