Monday, September 22, 2008

it wasnt even good

had a white mocha at Dutch Brothers. Too sweet...not as good as I remembered...I wont need another one for another year...glad thats out of my system...must go check the calories now....yikes, I should have done that before deciding to have and learn.


  1. These things happen!! I have a meeting tomorrow night where they have the dinner catered. Have no idea what i'm getting but i'll have to go with the flow.
    At least you won't be craving one now :)

  2. Funny how anticipation is sometimes better than the actual thing!

  3. I had one bite of a pb cup this weekend and couldn't believe it was the same ones I used to die for. Blah!

  4. I hate when that happens! No, wait, not really. I don't want to want those things any more. I am longing for my tastes to change. So far so good. I have lost 20 pounds since May following the Weight Watchers model. I need to exercise though. My "inner brat" hates that idea. Oh dear, I've rattled on too long. Have a wonderful week.


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