Friday, September 19, 2008

Working toward the Christmas goal

Now that Ive been dieting so long it's actually hard to get in as many calories as I should be eating in a days time. I need to plan better because without planning I eat the wrong things and then I do just what I'm doing the last couple of days, I just dont eat! Its easier that way. There are no decisions to be made. Well this has got to end. This weekend Im working on putting together lunches that are healthy and fit my diet. Lunch is my worst time and knowing that, I end up scared so I don't eat. Well this week I shall have lunches at the ready and we'll see if things go better.

I really want to make my Christmas goal of losing 20 more pounds by then. It might be a tough goal but I really think I can do it. I could just set the goal to another ten pound loss and be satisfied with 50 pounds lost this year and resolve to lose the last 50 next year but I want to say Ive lost 60 pounds because in doing so I know I will have had to push myself to do it. Im afraid ten pounds wont give me the initiative I need to put my whole heart into this. If however at the end of this year I do come out with a 50 pound loss I will be content. Im not going to consider myself a failure by any means but, boy, I really want to pull off the 60 pounds! So I redouble my efforts and hope I see 192 pounds by the end of the year.

I think I can...I think I can...


  1. I know you can. Or, as Barack Obama says, "Yes, we can!"

  2. You are doing awesome! You can lose 20 pounds by Christmas. You have to because I want to lose the same amount of weight by then so I will be watching you!! Thanks for being so inspirational.

    "Yes, we can!"

  3. I have started to become worried that I set my Christmas goal too high. I am going to keep working but I think my body has figured out my plan and is rebelling! I need to change up my eating and workouts to get my metabolism body is smart so I'm have to be smarter : )

    You can do it!

  4. we know you can
    we cheer you on
    we know you can
    we cheer you on


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