Friday, September 5, 2008

Keeping a Diet Journal

I know the road to weight loss is not paved with perfection but once in a while a perfect day is given to me and I love that day. Yesterday was a perfect diet day. I ended up with 1200 calories which included lots of veggies and protein. I lost a pound and a half for my efforts. Oh, I know it's just a fluctuation on the scale but Id rather it be fluctuating down instead of up!

All summer I have been keeping track of calories in my head and I have been maintaining, not losing. All the tiny ups and downs if averaged out would still come to 218 pounds. I reached that weight in May and I'm still there. The lowest I dipped this summer was 115. I've been as high as 221 during the last three months but always I level out at 118.

So now here I am this morning weighing 217 pounds. I've seen this weight a few times this summer but now in the autumn this weight means something different. Yesterday I once again returned to writing down my calories. I haven't done that since May and it was in May I stopped losing. So now I am seeing 217 for the last time because now I am on my way to losing weight again and not maintaining.

I'm excited about the journey.

So what did I eat yesterday? Here it is:
corn on the cob
grilled chicken
fresh peaches

I ate enough of that to equal 1200 calories.


  1. your menu for the day sounds yummy. 1200 calories sounds low to me. I am afraid if I dip too low, my body will go into starvation mode and stall. It is so hard to know how many calories to eat to lose. I have heard that it isn't even just the calories eaten, but when they are it's better to have a 2000 calorie day split into 6 mini meals rather than consume 1000 in the evening and hardly any early in the day. I guess we just need to see what is working and go with it. I think every now and then, it's good to confuse the body a little...especially during a plateau! I hope you'll be in a new weight decade very soon. I am hoping I'll see the 240s next week!

  2. Yes annette, it would be low for you because you are getting in a lot of exercise. I have yet to add that in on a regular basis. I tear around here doing gardening and stuff but no real concentrated exercise. I also have hypoglocemia so I do indeed eat every two hours. My last food consumed is at 5:30 and its high in protein to sustain me through the night. I am facing fifty years old and I just cant eat as much and burn as much as I used to. If I eat at night I have a sure gain the next day! Its sad really. :(

  3. I admit my cal intake is about 1250-1400. I think it's my age plus my metabolism but i find that's plenty.
    Glad to see your on the healthy path again ;)

  4. Im chiming in with the too low thought as well.

    maybe 1500?

    of good clean foods you should STILL lose!



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