Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weigh IN Week 24

Okay lets get the dirty work over with; I gained a pound. Looks like my body is still lovin' this 218 mark! Well its in for a jolt because this is the first weigh in for September and I am going to come out of this month with a loss and a big one!

School has started now and some of the craziness is becoming..well...less crazy! Annette in the post below has reminded us what can be done if we pay attention and mean business. It has helped to inspire me.

Im also inspired by that fact that Christmas is something like 15 or 16 weeks away and the 7th of January is my one year mark. It's time to pick up speed on this road to weight loss.

I also vow to do more posting at this site. The encouragement from you all really helps to keep me on track. So look for a flurry of activity here on the ole' diet blog!

Okay lets all weigh in and smile big!

Melissa) -4.5

Rachelle) -3.5
Vanessa) -3
mamaolive) - 2.5
New Me) - 2
Brandi) + 1
Mrs darling) + 1
Darcie) 0


  1. I'm happy to report a loss of 2.5lbs. That makes my total for August 4 lbs, which is pathetic, but it beats gaining or even maintaining. My total is now 26lbs lost, with a weight of 216.5.

  2. Congratulations on your weight lost so far. You have inspired me to get off my backside and do something about my weight instead of moaning about it. I am the only one who can do it but reading blogs like yours sure will help!!

  3. I agree this blog has helped me keep in mind what I am trying to do. It is also putting me back on track when I vere off. I would love to be halfway to my goal by christmas so I guess I need to hype up and get off my tush. Newme's post inspried me to try harder and watch what I eat more. So I am happy to report that I came in at 153 which means I lost 3 plds. Yeah. Now I need to keep going so that yo-yo doesn't go back up.
    Mrs. D, you can do it. You arleady have you just took a slight detour. Go Mrs D. (think cheerleaders)

  4. My total weight loss is now 10 pounds :)


  5. Do you have a total for this week Rachelle?

    Way to go Vanessa! Whoopie! Go for it!

  6. I gained a pound this week, too. I have been hovering in the same 3lb. range since the beginning of July. I guess I'm on a plateau and need to kick myself into gear. The Labor Day meal at my parents' home probably didn't help me any. Especially since my mom sent a whole bunch of fattening foods home with us. We have a family reunion and some more birthdays this month so I better get serious pretty quickly.

    Happy Losing!

  7. I am happy to say 2 more pounds of fat is gone this week for a total of 57lb....weight is now on the 250 mark exactly!

  8. glad you are excited again about losing! Keep on finding that "mojo!"

  9. Unchanged this week. I am so close to my goal weight but can't quite seem to get there. I am hoping for three more pounds. Maybe next week.

  10. It was a great week! Down 4.6lbs!!!!


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