Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weigh In Week 26

So how did we do ladies? I lost 1 pound this week. Its funny how a person can mark time but what they weighed at such and such an event or time in their life. When my son was born weighing over 11 pounds I myself weighed 256. He was a hungry boy and I nursed him night and day. Between taking care of him and my toddler I didn't have time to care for myself properly. My weight plummeted to 211 by the time he was about 2 months old. After that it began to climb and it climbed for 7 years.

Fast forward to this past January. I weighed 252, almost my full term pregnancy weight. That's what scared me. This morning I saw 211 on the scale. I weigh on a doctors scale in our bathroom; one of those that you cant trick by standing one way or the other. The balances arent tricked. Now the last time I saw 211 my son was 2 months old. Today he's 7 and a half. This is the last weight I have in my memory bank to mark the milestones.

The next weight that I can precisely recall weighing was back in 1998. We went to Disney World. My daughter was 15 months old. I had gained 100 pounds trying to get pregnant through invitro with her. The hormones and subsequent pregnancy left me weighing exactly 256 the day I delivered her. By the time she was 15 months and we took that trip I was weighing 186. That was almost ten years ago.

Who knew that when my daughter was three I would again reach 256 through another pregnancy but this time I wouldnt lose it until 7 years later. Its a sad tale. So like I said before, this is is the lowest I have weighed in 7 years and Im happy.

256 is my top weight. I have never weighed more than that. My average adult weight has been 155 pounds most of my life. This time I started at 252 and am aiming for 150, just a hair under that weight.

Okay so lets weigh in:

New Me) - 2
Rachelle) - 2
Vanessa) - 2
Marbel) - 1
Mrs Darling) - 1
Mamaolive) + .5
Brandi) + 2


  1. I'm glad for you, Mrs. Darling.

    I gained two pounds. Ugh! I ate less all week and felt like I was losing (I only weigh myself on Thursday mornings). I did take some migraine medicine yesterday, so maybe that had something to do with it?

    Hopefully, I can get rid of this headache and weigh in less next week.

  2. I lost 2 this week! 84 lbs to goal :) New weight 244

    We have similar circumstances. My son is also 7 and my weight this week is about the same as it was when he was conceived :) So.......lowest in 7plus years!

    Let's keep it up :)

  3. Brandi at least you're still coming over to weigh in. Thats going to help keep you accountable.

    New me, I am so in this for the long haul! It's downward Ho!

  4. I don't think I checked in last week. Anyway, I am down 1 with 17 pounds to go to goal. It is taking me a long time, lots of ups and downs!

  5. good for you Mrs.D. That is exciteing to see that milestone. What is the next one? I like making mini goals so I can reach them easier.
    And the yo-yo goes back down. I came in at 153, that's 2 plds less than last time. I am working on getting that down to 150 mabey then I can beat this yo-yo.


  6. I am up .5lbs. sigh. Hubby is home and Monday we are revamping the diet.

  7. and Im so happy for you as well.

  8. Mrs. Darling, I would like to join -- how do I do that? I love your blog and am inspired by eeryon'e commitment, and support for one another. I just can't figure out how to join.

  9. YOu have already joined lol! You just leave a comment like you did and come back on Thursday morning when I put up the weigh in post. You leave your amount of pounds lost since this past january if any andthe amount of pounds to your goal weight and I will add you to the sidebar. You must leave a real name at that time though not just anon. :) We're happy to have you join us!!!


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