Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flu bug

Ive been sick with the flu and as a result my weight has hit a new low. It was a bummer of a way to lose weight though. The scale showed 204.5 this morning which is a 2.5 pound loss. Im hoping to hang onto at least a pound of that by weigh in. Whether I do or not it was still nice to see the 204's. And I can tell you this much. The Halloween candy has lost all appeal! Thats what sickness will do for one. So in that regard it was well worth getting sick!


  1. NOT a fun way to lose, girlie!!!! Hope you are feeling 100 percent soon and hope the weight stays far away!!!

  2. well done
    awesome loss so far :)

  3. FEEEEEEL BETTER and be sure you are hydrated!


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