Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weigh In Week 31

Im posting this late on Wednesday cause I wont have time tomorrow morning. I will set it to publish in the morning but since I am posting it on Wednesday I will have to give you my weigh in from this morning. I weighed 206 even. So that is a 1 pound loss from last week.

How did you do?

Vanessa) - 3
New Me) - 2
Mrs Darling) - 1
Brandi) + 1


  1. Way too go Mrs. D.
    I think I lost 3 pds since the last time I visited. I weighed in at 150 this morning and I think I was at 153 last time.
    I joined a gym sunday and have gone two times already. Hopefully I will stick to it this time. I am glad I am finally doing something instead of talking about doing somehing.

  2. Good job, ladies!

    I'm up one pound. :(

    I really need to get back to drinking more water and walking more. This time of year is so chilly and busy that I tend to drink warmer, greater calorie drinks and walk less.

  3. weighing in tomorrow morning so I'll be back then :)


    We are still the *exact* same weight.

    I have lost 44 pounds total.

  5. down 2 this week to 237.........70 pounds lost ...........woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Way to go new me. You are just flying.

    Mrs C I guess that means are stars are lined...if we would beleive in that anyway! LOL


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