Friday, October 3, 2008

Sustainable Weightloss

I've been asked what I eat in a typical day. I will be glad to oblige you all.

Breakfast every morning is a slice of thick cheese and whole grain bread.

Lunch is salad or soup now that the weather has cooled off.

Dinner is whatever the family is having only in measured amounts. My favorite dinner for weight loss is grilled salmon and salad. I could eat it every day!

Snack is usually anything with protein.

My scale shows another pound lost yesterday. The joy of that is that it puts me in the 50's for the amount I still need to lose!

I have found that the biggest key to my weight loss is not really what I eat for dinner so much, but rather what time I eat it. I can eat almost anything if I eat it before 5 pm.

I figured up the other day that I have lost 4.7 pounds a month on average since January. It's like I stated on someone else's blog, this is sustainable and that's what I will need when I reach maintenance. My words of wisdom for you all today is that if you are losing weight by a method that you cannot do for the rest of your life then it is inevitable that you will gain it back when tough times hit.

Find a way to lose the weight eating normal healthy foods and you will be the better for it!


  1. That's what I'm trying to do this time and so far so good!

  2. so true! I also remind myself that I should be eating and feeding the family foods that are good for us. There is a time and place for treats...not at every meal :)

    Feeding yourself and your family well is a blessing!

    Great job ;)

  3. Its so true what you said about if we can't continue your method of losing weight for the rest of our lives then we will regain the weight.

    In the past I have failed with dieting because I have gone out like a Hare to lose as much as weight as possible and deprived myself so much in the first week that in the second week I put on the weight I'd lost and more.

    This time I am concentrating on eating healthily, drinking water and blessing my body and it really doesn't feel like a diet at all and the pounds are coming off slowly but surely.

    I am thinking of myself as the tortoise from the fable of the Hare and the Tortoise and Slow and Steady will win the race and keep me at the finish line.

    I have only lost 11 lb so far in two weeks (I have a lot to lose!)but feel that I can carry on doing this forever as I feel better already.

    Congratulations on your weight loss.


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