Monday, November 10, 2008

BLogging My Food

Yesterday I had birthday cake and a little ice cream after which I had a 3 Musketeer after which I had a migraine! I know sugar does that to me so why do I do it? Okay todays plan is to go back on the protein. I had cleared that sugar junk from Halloween out of my system and now look what I did. Back to the protein it is. I have decided to post here every bit I eat for the next three days. It may be boring but this blog is all about keeping me accountable. So sorry to bore you all but I have to do this.

1/2 turkey sandwich
vegetable meat soup
1/2 peanut butter sandwich
sweet potato
apple sausage
chex mix

Edit: Oh for crying out loud. I ate more Halloween candy. Thats it! Hubbys got to take that stuff to work! Ive had it!


  1. I've tossed the silly Halloween candy. I don't even like it but grab a piece every time I pass it as long as it is there.

  2. Send it out the door!! I just took a shopping bag full to work yesterday and it's almost gone. Better them than ME!


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