Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay so that idea flew out the window. I have no idea how much and what I ate yesterday. Okay I gotta get this together. I started floundering over Halloween and havent regained my footing yet. I feel in my bones that Im getting back on track though but if any of you that normally weigh in here see this let me tell you that Im skipping the weigh in this week because I want to concentrate on getting myself back in the game. As a result I am going to focus on what Im eating and Im not going to weigh until next week. I dont want any headgames from what Im seeing on the scale. You all can still weigh in on Thursday if you like and I'll record it. Otherwise you too can have a break from weigh in!

Im going to get this done no matter what. I really want to be at the 50 pound loss mark by Christmas. Who knew 4 pounds could be so hard to lose?


  1. I'll pray that you can get things worked out. I'm sure you will!

    This is a bad week for weigh in for me too. I'll so this one out with you.

  2. I hear you. I have missed my meetings 3 weeks in a row, and feel like I am stagnant. 4 lbs. are hard to lose!

  3. I know it's difficult with the family being there, but try and fail safe the house as much as possible so you don't have easily accessible junk food. I find that if it's there I'll eat it, whether I really want it or not.

  4. sometimes that is totally what one needs. the weigh in skip and the focusing on mentally getting back in the game and on track.

    you know where to find me if you think I can help....

  5. Who knew? I knew. (From personal experience!)

  6. Aw yes, I guess anyone who has been in this game knows. Man what a struggle this is.


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